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Study Abroad with Ivy Tech Community College

Study abroad is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, experience a new culture, and improve your résumé. In today’s growing world, students can be prepared to be global citizens through studying abroad. Ivy Tech offers a variety of study abroad options from weeklong trips to full semester experiences, designed to fit student’s individual needs. Check out our international travel and study abroad options to see which is right for you.

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One-week trips


London and Paris
May 11-18, 2015
Sponsored by Central Indiana Region
Estimated Cost:  $3,411 for students under 30; $3,591 for students 30 and over
Credits:  May take HUMA 250 for credit, but not required

Starting May 11, 2015, we will explore architectural marvels like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, and famous sights like Windsor Castle and Versailles over the course of eight days. This is a trip of a lifetime! This trip will also have a business flair and we will have an opportunity to go behind the scenes in two businesses to see how they operate. 

A small fee of $95 will get you started and lock in the price of the trip. 

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  Edelweiss Tour - Germany, Austria, Switzerland
May 12-21, 2015
Sponsored by the Central Indiana Region
Estimated Costs:  $4,270 - Includes flights, hotels, all tours, and both breakfast and dinner every day with the exception of arrival and departure days where only one of two is given.
Credits:  Optional 3 credit hours in Humanities

The destination stops for this trip are Vienna, Salzburg, Munich and Engleberg.  Students, staff and faculty who travel will get to go on guided tours that display the beauty and history of the area.  Please see the website for all amazing tours and events planned! 

For more information please contact:
Lana Becker:  lbecker@ivytech.edu

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  London, England
May 13-19, 2015
Sponsored by the North Central and Northwest Regions
Estimated Cost:  $1,699, plus $75 non-refundable application fee
Credits:  May be taken 3 credits

A 7-day immersion trip into the heart of London.  Trip includes transportation to and from O'Hare airport; round-trip flight; and double occupancy, economy Royal National Hotel on Russell Square in central London, with breakfasts.  Travelers will create their itinerary through monthly trip preparation meetings.  This trip can be taken for 3 credits. 

An incredible experience for a great price!  Plan to attend a trip information session for more details.  Click on More Info to see dates and times of information sessions.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Katherine Kent:  kkent@ivytech.edu
Evan Brown:  ebrown56@ivytech.edu

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  Service Learning Trip to Peru
May 27-June 4, 2015
Sponsored by Northeast Region
Credits:  HUMA 250 credit available

Students will have the opportunity to visit Lima, Cusco the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.  Students will also be helping Lima's "Pueblos Jóvenes" build their community.

Information Sessions - Attend to receive a code for $100 OFF COUPON
  • Wednesday, September 3, 12-1 pm, Student Life Conference Center SL-121
  • Monday, September 8, 10-11 am, Tech Center TC 1346-48

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Two-week trips


London, The Hague, Amsterdam and Brussels, with a possible extension to Paris
May 15-25, 2015
Sponsored by Central Indiana Region
Estimated cost:  $3,350
Credits:  Possible credit could be arranged

Students and guests will get a firsthand look at the cities, bodies and organizations that keep order in today's globalized world. 

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May 11-26, 2015
Sponsored by the Southwest Region
Estimated cost:  $4,600
Credits:  Students will receive 3 credit hours for ENGL-206 Intro to Literature
{Prereq:  ENGL-111 "C" or higher}

Students will stay at the UE campus of Harlaxton in Grantham, England.  Tours of the manor and grounds, Belvoir Castle, museums, Kings College and Stonehenge are just some of the exciting features of this study abroad program.  Students will also spend time in London.

For more information, please contact
Dr. MaryAnn Sellars: msellars2@ivytech.edu or
Julie Griffin: jgriffin93@ivytech.edu

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Three-week trips


May 11-29, 2015
Sponsored by the Southwest Region
Estimated Cost:  $4,600
Credits:  Students will receive 3 credit hours for PSYC-253 Intro to Social Psychology (Prerequisite: PSYC-101 or SOCI-101)

India is one of the oldest civilizations on earth.  Visitors can experience a unique culture that focuses on a peaceful existence with others and nature.  Participants will visit India's "Golden Triangle" of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and engage in various service learning projects.

For more information, please contact
Dr. MaryAnn Sellars: msellars2@ivytech.edu or
Julie Griffin: jgriffin93@ivytech.edu.

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Semester-long trips


  London, England
Fall semester
Credits: up to 15
Estimated Cost: $12,000
Sponsored by North Central region (South Bend)

With almost 2,000 international students from over 130 countries, London South Bank University (LSBU) is the ideal choice for studying in one of Europe's most exciting cities. Just minutes from London's major attractions and accessible by convenient public transportation, LSBU has a history of preparing students for the workplace for the past 120 years. Ivy Tech's South Bend campus has partnered with this excellent institution providing students with financial aid and transfer options, affordable housing, and a network of support.

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  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Any semester
Credits: up to 12
Estimated Cost: $10,000

Studying in Canada provides an opportunity to gain prestigious education through well-rounded programs that reflect modern business and societal values. At Humber, we recognize the importance of practical experience, hands-on education and real career opportunities. As a dynamic and well-respected polytechnic college, Humber ensures that you receive the skills and knowledge expected by today?��s demanding employers. Humber and Ivy Tech are happy to partner to provide students opportunities that are "close" yet "international"

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  Athens, Greece
Any semester selected
Credits: 12 or more
Estimated cost: $14,000 (includes tuition and housing in Greece for 16 weeks) - $6,000 for the summer session.
Sponsored by Central Indiana region (Indianapolis)

Students from all over the US with a variety of majors have attended the Odyssey in Athens Study Abroad Program. It is a wonderful semester or year-long program through the University of Indianapolis Athens Campus, which is the ONLY accredited American University that is completely owned and controlled by the home campus in the US- University of Indianapolis, Indiana. All course work completed in Athens is transferred from the Registrar's office in Indianapolis to your home institution in the form of a transcript. All courses are taught in English. To get an idea of the courses offered , you can go to the UIndy Athens web page: http://www.uindy.gr/current_students/schedules/index.html Most of the Odyssey students take advantage of the Greek language course and Greek culture and society or the Greek Art and Archaeology course. However, several students come over and take courses in their chosen fields, like business, computer science, psychology, etc. There is no need to know the Greek language.

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