Study Abroad Applicant Selection Criteria

Study Abroad Applicant Selection Criteria

Minimum student selection requirements are:

         Must have proof of health and accident insurance

         Must submit one page essay conveying:  why you want to study abroad; how the experience will help you academically, professionally and personally; what personal strengths that support acceptance into the program; how the experience will be used upon returning the U.S.

         Adhere to the Ivy Tech Community College Study Abroad Policies and Procedures that include signing all required forms, giving the College permission to order and release student records and transcripts to anyone directly involved in the acceptance and processing of the application, understanding the withdrawal and transfer policies, and consenting to photos, videos, audio tapes, written or computer generated images being used.

         Must be a student in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.5 at the time of application. Minimum GPA does not guarantee acceptance.

         Must be degree seeking.

         Must be interviewed by Study Abroad Committee Member(s).

         Must agree to the Standards of Conduct stated within the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.

         Must accept the Risks of Education Abroad

(All of the above criteria are listed on the Ivy Tech Study Abroad application.)

Additional implied criteria include-

         Ability to obtain a United States passport

         Ability to pay fees

         Ability to travel during the advertised period

         Must be program ready; students with 30 credit hours in a program will be considered preferred applicants.

The Study Abroad Committee will determine acceptance into the class/program. Personal interviews may be required if applicants are equal “on paper.”