Study Abroad

Ivy Tech Community College realizes the value of a global educational experience. A better understanding of global issues is imperative to a productive world citizen. A cultural emersion can bring a better understanding of world issues, and what role individuals and nations play in solving, or creating, international problems.

It is known that two-year institutions position themselves to produce graduates whose skills let them prosper in a swiftly changing and increasingly international economy. The International Studies Class allows Ivy Tech Community College to focus on improving study-abroad options, and the development of international curricula/education to better serve our students.

Knowing that our graduates have the right kind of skills is paramount to our mission. To deliver the right skills is critical to the new economy- analytical thinking and the ability to work across cultural and international boundaries to the widest range of workers.

Students will be able to identify and relate the science, technology and economic interdependence of the world. Because most study-abroad programs are at four-year institutions, Ivy Tech students will receive credits will transfer; time has not been wasted.

"The U.S. State Department has set up partnerships with community colleges to develop video connections with foreign schools in order to hold joint sessions of a course on contemporary world issues, and we could consider participating in that program.
Educators Exchange Strategies for Creating the Global Community College

Students who are able to participate in Study Abroad course(s) will be enlightened, engaged, and have a better understanding of how interconnected the world is. They will be exposed to the relationship between different countries and the United States, and will be immersed in the other cultures and traditions. The students will be made aware of the commerce, foreign infrastructure, politics, and gain an appreciation for early and modern history.