Tutoring Policies and Procedures

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana of - Richmond provides tutorial assistance in selected areas for students enrolled in classes and students residing in the region enrolled in e-Learning classes through other Ivy Tech sites. This is a free service, and students are encouraged to utilize it. A schedule of available tutoring times is posted each semester in the Learning Resource Center. Appointments are encouraged.

Tutoring is available in:

The philosophy of tutoring provided by the region has three basic tenets:

  • Tutoring is intended to provide supplemental assistance; it is not intended as the primary vehicle for delivery of instruction.
  • Tutoring is a privilege, not a right, of students.
  • Students are responsible for being prepared to participate in a tutoring experience.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students are expected to have attended class or made a reasonable attempt to learn the material (2 ½ hours per week for a 3 credit class) before requesting tutoring assistance.
  • All students are expected to bring their books, materials, and assignments to each tutoring session.
  • Come with a list of questions!
  • Don't wait until last minute. If you know you have a test on Friday, don't wait until Thursday to come in for help!
  • Don't expect the tutors to do the work for you!

Limitations to Tutoring Assistance:

  • Tutoring assistance is not available for any type of tests or quizzes unless specific accommodations are in place.
  • The Learning Resource Center reserves the right to not provide tutorial assistance to students who do not meet the responsibilities noted above.

For more information, contact the Learning Resource Center at 765-966-2656, ext. 1189 or 800-659-4562, ext. 1189.