Extra Help for Students

Besides individualized tutoring, the Learning Resource Center offers the students of Ivy Tech several different forms of assistance. In the LRC we have many handouts that cover the computer classes, help sheets for the math courses, as well as guides that can aid in time management, study skills and test taking.

For our MATH 015 through MATH 118 classes, there are also videos (plus CDs and DVDs for MATH 015 through MATH 043) available to check out. These videos give students additional explanation that may help clear up problem areas. There are also handouts that will help with factoring and a new booklet that will help the student through the entire three courses of Math.

For our computer students, we offer handouts on basic Word use, as well as advanced techniques in using Word. Other handout subjects include how to use the virtual library. Guides are also available for Excel, Access, and PowerPoint applications.

For our English students, we have several handouts that explain how to create a “Works Cited” page. These include citing electronic information such as that from the virtual library or any other information that has been accessed via the Internet.

Our e-Learning students have available the use of the computers and printers in the lab and help from the tutors. We are here to assist with the problems that may arise with passwords or understanding what to do next.

The goal of the LRC is to help our students succeed in their classes.