How to Register

Only candidates who are registered and scheduled will be tested.

All candidates must submit an original Indiana State Department of Health Test Application for Qualified Medication Aide:

  • Persons who have completed an Indiana State Department of Health approved 100 hour medication aide training course must obtain an original completed application from their teaching entity
  • Others may obtain an application to test by calling Ivy Tech Community College at (317) 917-5948 or email by clicking here

Submit a request to test which includes:

  1. Original completed application
  2. Click here for a Letter of Request form and submit with your application and payment.
  3. Documentation specific to the candidate's eligibility
  4. Money order, facility check, Visa or MasterCard for payment of testing fees. Personal checks are not accepted

Mail your application, documents and fee to:
QMA Testing
P.O. Box 1621
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206