(Course ID: SABU PAR4 )
This course provides a look into the paralegal in the law office and presents techniques for finding a job as a paralegal. This six-course series will provide you with the skills and knowledge you will need to perform the basic duties of a paralegal. By the time you finish this series, you will have a solid understanding of what activities a paralegal must perform and how to perform them. If you are interested in becoming a paralegal, completing this program will take you one step closer to your goal. However, please understand that this is a non-credit program and it does not lead to any type of professional certification or a degree. Although there is no current requirement in any state other than California that a paralegal have any level of professional experience or hold any type of degree, most employers prefer to hire paralegals that have experience working in a law office and/or an associate's degree, in addition to the skills and knowledge taught in this program. If you have not already done so, we recommend that you consider working as an intern in a law office and/or enrolling in an accredited two-year college degree program while (or soon after) completing this series of courses.

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