Max's Story

If you're like me you don’t want anything to hold you back from reaching your goals. When it comes to enrolling in college, however, tuition cost can be a pretty significant barrier. That was my experience until I did the math and took a closer look at Ivy Tech Community College.

To be honest, I had some initial reservations about Ivy Tech. As my friends planned to go off to four-year colleges, I wondered if I’d be left behind. I also didn’t want to miss out on all the fun things that college has to offer, like student life activities.

Well, it wasn’t long before I realized that by enrolling at Ivy Tech, I wouldn’t be missing out on anything. First of all, it’s affordable. After looking at every college in the state—I literally looked at all of them—I determined that Ivy Tech was the only option that would allow me to complete my first two years of college without racking up serious loan debt. Also, since Ivy Tech credits transfer to a wide variety of four-year colleges, I was able to get started on a bachelor’s degree and save thousands of dollars by transferring to Purdue University. Finally, I’ve discovered plenty of opportunities to get involved, with everything from fun on-campus events to opportunities that are aligned with career goals. I even had the opportunity to serve as the student body president—something I’d never envisioned just a couple of years ago.

The truth is, I’ve found that sometimes you just need to take your own path. I once thought my friends might pass me by, but now I realize that I’m going to meet them at the finish line—and maybe even pass them—ready to start my career. It might never have been possible if not for Ivy Tech.

So, I’d encourage you to do the math as you consider your college options. I’m sure you’ll find, as I did, that it all adds up to one answer: Ivy Tech Community College.