Student Life @ Ivy Tech Northwest

Student Life, Development and Leadership

Campus involvement is a great way to make the most of your college experience. You can increase your career and educational opportunities by participating in campus activities and student organizations.

You can make friends and establish useful networks. You can learn about your strengths and improve your skills where needed. All of these opportunities are available through active involvement on campus. Each campus in the Northwest region offers the opportunity to get involved in Student Government, student organizations and activities, and in giving back to our communities. So now is the time to take an important step to enhancing your future by getting involved at Ivy Tech.

You can learn more about getting involved on campus through the Office of Student Life, Development and Leadership. The mission of the department is to provide a student-centered environment that fosters intentional individual development through activities, programs, and events that connect the student to the College and community. In order to fulfill its mission, the Department of Student Life has specific focus areas, or "core functions" which include:

  • Student Governance (Student Government Association)
  • Student Leadership Development (leadership programs, workshops/ conferences)
  • Student Programming (social, educational, cultural activities and trips)
  • Service Engagement (civic involvement, volunteer opportunities, community service)
  • Recreation/ Wellness (statewide sports tournaments, health fairs, wellness workshops)
  • Student Organizations (social, recreational, professional, and special interest organizations, as well as honor societies)

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Student Programming and Campus Activities Board

Student Life Programming

The Office of Student Life, Development and Leadership offers a wide variety of programs and events for students that enhance the overall college experience. We do this by offering activities, programs, and events that connect students to the College and community. Some of our events include: Welcome Back Days, Constitution Day, off-campus trips, service projects, and much more. In addition to these types of events, we offer exciting multicultural programming for students. Examples of these events include: heritage month celebrations, LGBTA events, health fairs, and many more.

Click here for our 2012-2013 Calendar of Events

Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student-run organization dedicated to programming the best in diverse entertainment for students on campus and in the Northwest region. Students learn to plan events, both large and small, that will include both region-wide field trips and on-campus activities.

April Gabbert-Strang
Associate Director of Student Life and Student Organizations
Valparaiso Campus
(219) 464-8514, ext. 3044

Tonya A. Kidd
Assistant Director of Student Life and Student Organizations
Gary and East Chicago Campus
(219) 981-1111, ext. 2286

Jaede T. Brereton
Student Life Coordinator
Michigan City Campus
(219) 879-9137, ext. 6271

Student Leadership Programs

Student Leadership Academy

The Ivy Tech Student Leadership Academy (SLA) is a leadership development program designed specifically for Ivy Tech students. SLA provides students with an opportunity to further develop their leadership development and professional development skills, while learning more about the history and traditions of the College.

Student Leadership Conference

The Student Leadership Conference brings together student leaders representing each Ivy Tech region. The conference is held in Indianapolis once a year and focuses on various leadership topics. Students will gain the opportunity to define their personal leadership philosophy, increase their network of leadership resources and mentors, interact with other with diverse worldviews and more.

Service Engagement

Student Life is committed to serving our community by getting involved with different service projects. Some of the many organizations and initiatives that we served include, but are not limited to: Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, domestic abuse shelters, hospital and nursing home donation drives and visits, presentations in local K-12 schools, Alzheimer�s Association, Juvenile Diabetes Association, The Salvation Army, and Toys for Tots.

Ivy Tech Days of Service

The Ivy Tech Days of Service provides students with the opportunity to work with Student Life in partnering with service organizations in our community to provide projects for our students. Ask your campus Student Life staff member for how you can get involved!

Recreation and Wellness

Student Life offers a variety of recreation and wellness events. Examples of our events include: Alcohol and Sexual Assault Awareness, Child Abuse Prevention, and Cancer Awareness Information Tables. Also, look out for the Ivy Tech Athletic Tournament. At the Gary and Valparaiso campuses, we offer fitness facilities free of charge to all students. If you have an interest in starting a recreational or athletic club, Student Life can help you start one!

Student Organizations
We have nearly 40 student organizations! Some of them are campus-specific and others are regional. We have everything from program-specific organizations to hobby/interest, and everything in between!
Are you interested in getting involved? We have just the right organization for you. See our list of organizations below to find the ones that interest you most. Don�t see one that interests you? You can start your own. Contact your campus Student Life staff member to learn how.
Stay Informed and Connected
Do you want to find out about our various activities and trips?! Watch your Campus Connect e-mail for weekly updates on a variety of activities and trips available on your campus as well as throughout the region. Pick up your copy of The Ivy Line (the monthly student life newsletter) and pay attention to activity flyers posted on bulletin boards and other areas around campus! Also, you can always contact your campus Student Life staff member. Check out the links below for more information:

Contact information:

Uzoma Oluka

Director of Student Life, Development and Leadership
- Northwest Region
(219) 981-1111, ext. 2397

Adrienne Garcia

Assistant Director of Student Life, Development, and Leadership
Gary Campus
(219) 981-1111, ext. 2286

April Gabbert-Strang

Associate Director of Student Life, Development, and Leadership
Valparaiso Campus
(219) 464-8514, ext. 3044

Iris E. Sanchez

Associate Director of Student Life, Development, and Leadership
East Chicago Campus
(219) 392-3600, ext. 285

Nadea Khorbotly
Student Life Coordinator
Michigan City Campus
(219) 879-9137, ext. 6921