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Arts & Transfer


Most general studies and liberal arts graduates transfer to four-year schools after earning their Ivy Tech associate degree in one of these areas. Many students choose Ivy Tech first for its affordability, but they soon learn there are high-quality instructors in these programs: Faculty have at least a master's degree in their field, and several have their doctorates. Several faculty members in these programs are published authors.

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Visual communications graduates can focus on graphic design, web design, photography, animation, and more. Most graphic design jobs require at least a bachelor's degree, and graduates can transfer seamlessly to the four-year programs at the University of Saint Francis or IPFW. This is a fun, creative, and rewarding field.

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Ivy Tech's program has the same accreditation from the American Culinary Federation that all the big food schools have. That means the program is held to the same rigorous standard, but at about a fifth of the cost. Students can choose from a variety of specialties: baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, event management, hotel management, restaurant management, and dietary management.

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American Culinary Federation
National Restaurant Association



Health care support constitutes a number of direct patient-care possibilities at Ivy Tech. Focus on patient care as a certified nursing assistant, home health aide, dementia care provider, qualified medication aide, or as an EKG, pharmacy, or phlebotomy (blood draw) technician.

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American Society for Clinical Pathology certification


Hate the sight of blood but want to work in the medial field? Then health information technology is a perfect career choice, as students will work with clinical information but won't have direct patient contact. Ivy Tech's program has a selective admissions process: Applicants are accepted into the Health Care Support program with a health information technology concentration. Once the prerequisites are completed, a student can apply for the program.

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Medical assisting is one of the nation's fastest-growing careers. Medical assistants often work alongside doctors in outpatient facilities or on ambulances. They perform a variety of duties from answering phones and greeting patients to drawing blood or assisting a doctor during an exam.

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American Association of Medical Assistants


The first nursing diploma was awarded in the United States in 1873; today, nursing is one of the country's fastest growing occupations. Registered nurses can find work in a variety of areas: hospitals, doctors' offices, home healthcare services, nursing care facilities, correctional facilities, schools, military installations, and more.

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Students receive in-class and hands-on learning in the Paramedic Science program, which requires a field internship. It's the perfect field for people who thrive in an uncontrolled environment. Individuals who already have their paramedic certification can earn an associate degree in just seven classes. Ivy Tech's program has a selective admissions process: Applicants are accepted into the Health Care Support program with a paramedic science concentration. Once the prerequisites are completed, a student can apply for the program.

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The first nursing school in history was found in India in 250 B.C. Licensed practical nurses are an important part of the healthcare team, and the in-demand profession will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. As baby boomers retire from their nursing positions - and as baby boomers age and require more care - more practical nurses will be required than ever before.

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Due to an aging population - and their abuse of tobacco products - respiratory care is a growing field. Respiratory therapists assess, evaluate, and treat patients of all ages.

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American Association for Respiratory Care


Students who study therapeutic massage explore a wide variety of related topics including holistic approaches, acupressure, aroma therapy, yoga, and financial management for those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. More and more often, consumers are turning to massage therapy for medical reasons, and the healthcare community is increasingly viewing therapeutic massage as a legitimate option to address healthcare concerns.

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Managing & Leading Others


Accountants are a necessity in every enterprise including businesses, schools, and nonprofits. This makes the profession easily combinable with other interests or hobbies. An accounting associate degree can lead to a variety of career choices: bookkeeping, tax return prep, payroll accounting, auditing, management, certified public accountant, and more.

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The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business
American Institute of CPAs (certified public accountant)


Building construction management helps students learn about the managerial roll in building construction. In addition to construction classes, students learn how to operate and manage a successful business. Students in this program take classes in green construction, safety and risk management, project planning, and construction graphics and print reading.

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AND COLLEGE FOR WORKING ADULTS (Business Administration) >>

The Business Administration program prides itself on entrepreneurship. Ivy Tech Northeast's New Venture Competition has awarded more than $80,000 to students and alumni in start-up capital for their businesses. This program has also taken study abroad trips to France, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and China.

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Indiana's central location makes the region attractive to companies in supply chain management/logistics. Northeast Indiana has a concentration of employers in transportation and warehousing, and the area is costcompetitive for centers looking to serve customers coast-to-coast. Many companies depend on experts in supply chain management/logistics to move their goods locally and globally.

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The Association for Operations Management

Public & Social Services


Graduates from the Criminal Justice program can find careers in a variety of areas, including with the FBI. Work in corrections, forensics (investigations), law enforcement, or youth services.

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Students who intern while studying human services often find employment through their internships in organizations that work with battered women and children, the homeless, and at-risk children and adolescents. All students take the Human Services Board Certification Exam to become nationally recognized certified professionals during their final semester at Ivy Tech Northeast.

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National Organization for Human Services
Center for Credentialing & Education


Homeland security/public safety is often called a career for life. Firefighters, for example, rarely move to another profession, often continuing in the department where they were hired until retirement. Students take classes in topics including Hazmat awareness, transportation and border security, computers, first responding, and law.

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Skilled Trades


Ever dream of building a robot? Advanced automation and robotics technology teaches how to do it, in addition to the construction of, and troubleshooting on, other necessary and useful machines. American manufacturers are increasingly dependent on high-tech equipment, and they’re looking to employ graduates who know how to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain these pieces of equipment.

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Advanced Manufacturing at Ivy Tech Northeast (video)
National Council for Advanced Manufacturing
Roadshow for Growth on


Automotive technology students have their own auto body shop for classwork, and they take courses on various parts of vehicles including steering and suspension, engines, axles, electrical and electronics, and climate control systems. These graduates are in demand nationwide.

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Automotive Technology at Ivy Tech Northeast (video)
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence


Construction technology is ideal for those looking for their contractor’s license. By the end of the program, graduates will have the skills necessary to flip their own house. Classes include cabinetry, interior and exterior trim, home inspection, wiring, plumbing, woodworking, and more.

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Design technology students have the choice to focus on architectural drafting or mechanical drafting. Graduates from the program don’t have to leave northeast Indiana for jobs, and entry-level positions start out at higher-than-average salaries.

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Why Choose a Career as a CAD Drafter?


Employees are so interested in hiring interns from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology, or HVAC, that there aren’t enough to go around. Want to get started early? The program offers dual-credit classes for high school students, so by high school graduation, you could already have some of the HVAC curriculum completed.

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Work Your Way to the Top interactive graphic


Industrial technology is a growing field as more manufacturing companies are looking for highly skilled employees to keep their equipment running. Installation, maintenance, and repair jobs are expected to increase by 10 percent during the next decade, with an average wage of $20 an hour.

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PHD, Inc.
SMC Corporation of America


A number of local companies have said they will guarantee a job interview to Ivy Tech’s machine tool technology graduates. Students take classes in areas such as computer-aided design (CAD), machinery, milling, tool and die making, and mold making.

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C&A Tool
National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Inc.


A degree in manufacturing production and operations can be completed 100 percent online. This program is an especially good fit for anyone currently working in the manufacturing field, including supervisors looking to learn more about technology.

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FANUC robotics automation
Rockwell Automation
PHD, Inc.
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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is predicting a shortage of well-prepared agriculture graduates during the next five years, which means there are more jobs available. While the College’s program prepares students for careers in agriculture, graduates can also find work in other areas including at a lending facility, in a sales position, at a marketing firm, and in advertising.

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Agriculture's Library homepage


The Aviation Maintenance Technology program is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Graduates will enter a career field with a great opportunity for advancement. Employees get to travel often and can live anywhere in the world.

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Aviation manufacturing is a blended offering that is part online coursework and part instructor-led material. By graduation, you will have earned certificates in one of the more in-demand occupations in the country given increases in the number of baby boomers retiring.

Ivy Tech Northeast offers eight computer-related degrees. Careers in the computing and informatics industry are in high demand, and the College is committed to offering courses that meet current industry demands. Programs include computer science, cyber security/information assurance, database management and administration, informatics, information technology, network infrastructure, server administration, and software development.

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Association of Information Technology Professionals


Graduates from Ivy Tech’s Energy Technology program have been guaranteed a job interview by companies in the Indiana Energy Consortium, which is made of utility companies across the state. Students in the program learn about renewable energy resources—like wind, solar, and geothermal—and complete the Energy Auditing Certification on their way to an associate degree.

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Get Into Energy
Center for Energy Workforce Development (Energy industry looking for replacements for retiring workers)


Ivy Tech Northeast offers three different engineering-related degrees. Electrical engineering technology prepares students to be skilled technologists who work with engineers and technicians. Engineering technology is designed to be a transfer degree and allow you to continue on to a bachelor's degree. If your goal is to be an engineer, pre-engineering is meant to be a stepping stone on your way to a four-year engineering degree.

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Supporting Others

While library technical assistant graduates can find jobs in schools, colleges, and public and private libraries, they can also work in special libraries associated with medical centers and the law. Students take this program entirely online, and many have commented about how student-friendly it is.

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American Association of Law Libraries
American Library Association


What sets the Office Administration program apart from similar options at other colleges is that Ivy Tech emphasizes the soft skills—communication and leadership—as much as the hard skills like computer software applications. Possible job titles include administrative assistant, first-line manager, legal secretary, software application specialist, executive assistant, and office assistant.

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The paralegal studies degree is flexible for students. They can put it into practice immediately in a variety of businesses and governmental offices, or they can continue on to a four-year degree in other law-related occupations. Classes include torts, bankruptcy, family, and criminal law; ethics; law office technology; and wills, trusts, and estates.

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Early childhood education graduates have a diverse set of options: They can become teachers or directors in early childhood education programs, or they may choose to earn bachelor’s or master’s degrees to pursue an Indiana teacher’s license for pre-kindergarten to third grade. Students will take classes related to health, safety, and nutrition; infant/ toddler growth and development; and family-teacher partnerships.

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Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children


Job prospects are especially good for teachers—particularly those teaching in math, science, and bilingual education and those working in urban or rural school districts. Plus, a large number of teachers are expected to retire in the next five to 10 years, and schools will be looking to hire replacements. By completing education classes in addition to a core of General Education classes, graduates will be prepared to transfer to a four-year program and continue their preparation for becoming a teacher at junior-year status.

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