High School-based Dual Credit

Students and Parents

Assessment and College Test Scores

Ivy Tech Community College needs to know your skills in Reading, Writing, and Math.  Accuplacer is the computerized assessing tool and is not timed, with most students completing within two-and-a-half hours. Use the following websites for reviewing content material prior to the assessment:

Assessment Areas

  • Pre-Algebra: Fractions, percentages, decimals, averages, ratios, proportions
  • Algebra: Exponents, factoring, graphing, polynomials, linear equations
  • Reading: Main ideas, implied ideas, vocabulary in context, topic sentences. 
  • Writing: Editing essays for grammar errors

PSAT/SAT/ACT scores that meet Ivy Tech Community College requirements
Composite scores are not accepted to meet these requirements

  • PSAT: 46 Reading, 46 Writing, 46 Math, and 52
  • SAT: 460 Reading, 460 Writing, 460 Math, and 520
  • ACT: 18 Reading, 17 Writing, 18 Math, and 24

Educators and Administrators

High Schools requesting High School-based Dual Credit classes must go through the Ivy Tech Dual Credit approval process. Contact the Dual Credit office to receive the appropriate application forms. The class curriculum and the teacher must meet Ivy Tech Community College requirements and standards approved by the Indiana Commission of Higher Education.


Dawn Bon Ami

Anne Michel