Registering and preparing for assessment

New students

  1. Student must apply online or come to the Ivy Tech Community College Admissions office to complete application.
  2. An assessment in Reading, Writing, and Math must be taken at the Ivy Tech Community College–Northeast Assessment Center (North Campus).
  3. New students must complete a New Student Orientation Session (online or face-to-face).
  4. First semester students must meet with a New Student Advisor to establish a class schedule.

Current students

  • First, find desired classes
  • Then, log in to Campus Connect
  • Select Add or Drop Classes in the MyIvyTech Channel
  • Select desired Term
  • Complete form

Preparing for the assessment
Available at North Campus

Ivy Tech Community College needs to know what your knowledge is in Reading, Writing, and Math. The assessing tool is computerized and untimed, with most students completing within 2 to 2½ hours.

Use the following Web sites for reviewing content material prior to the assessment.

Pre-Algebra: Fractions, percentages, decimals, averages, ratios, proportions

Algebra: Exponents, factoring, graphing, polynomials, linear equations

Reading: Main ideas, implied ideas, vocabulary in context, topic sentences.

Writing: Editing essays for grammar errors


Most Ivy Tech classes have prerequisites (a class that must be taken first). Registering students must meet the requirement or the registration process will be blocked. If this occurs, contact the office of your degree program or one of the below individuals.