Success Stories

"Thank you so much for your help. Your resume skills helped me to get a great job here in South Carolina."

- Matt, 2008

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help. JobZone has been a blessing for me and an appropriate resume has helped my cause greatly. Today I was hired by XXX, Inc., for their customer service support/programmer position. I would have never heard of it without the JobZone. Without your help with the resume, I don't think they would have contacted me so quickly. The company is a perfect match for me, and I hope other current students and graduates have similar results.  Once again, thank you so much for your help and keep up the good work!" 

- Bryan , 2008

"I want to thank you and Ivy Tech Community College for providing the job workshops and JobZone. After I was laid off due to downsizing, JobZone was one of the first services I sought out. The job workshops are very informative and prepared me for job interviews. Many of the questions I was asked in the interviews were covered in the workshops. I was able to give informative answers without stumbling over my words."

- Valerie, 2008

Let us know about your successes and/or how our office has assisted you in your college/career development. We want to know where our students are working or where they have transferred. Unless you tell us, we have no way of knowing about you. Let us share in the excitement of getting that job or getting attention from your resume or portfolio. We would like to know if an appointment or a phone call made the difference for you. Whatever it is - great or small - please share! The best stories are personal ones.

Career Development Workshops
"I have gained confidence, knowledge of what to do and what not to do, and how to effectively present myself when applying for a job. I also learned about asking the right questions in the interview to help me decide if the job is a good fit for me."

"I think these should be mandatory!"

"I feel that this series will help people be more prepared in finding and getting the type of work they are qualified to perform."

"I was laid off from my job and did not know where to start. This program not only helped me with the basics but also taught me how to transition my current skills to a new career path."

"I drove 45 minutes each month to attend these workshops, not for the portfolio, but for the knowledge I was receiving in the workshops."

"These workshops were an eye-opener for me, and I feel they benefit anyone seriously looking for a job."

"The first workshop was an introductory session, and I was not sure I would learn much in the others.  I am so glad I continued, and I think everyone needs to know this information."