General Guidelines

  • GG-01: Users of services or resources provided by the CAE agree to comply with the Guidelines and Policies of the Center for Academic Excellence.

  • GG-02: Users of the CAE must be current college staff or currently enrolled students. Appropriate identification may be requested. (The word “user” or “users” in the remainder of this document refers to college staff or currently enrolled students. The terms “Center staff” and “Center staff members” refer to Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana employees who are assigned tutoring, technical, or supervisory responsibilities in the Center for Academic Excellence.

  • GG-03: The staff of the CAE reserves the right to change the Center Guidelines and Policies from time to time at its discretion to best serve students and staff in accordance with College policies and procedures.

  • GG-04: Center staff is committed to providing an atmosphere where users may come to receive tutoring and/or use computers. This policy does not prohibit quiet conversation between users and staff members such as a conversation required for tutoring, computer training, or a group project. The Center is designed to preserve a reasonably quiet atmosphere where users can utilize the facility without disturbance. Conversations must be maintained at a level that allows others to work.

  • GG-05: Users are asked to utilize the CAE intelligently and courteously.

  • GG-06: Users may be asked to leave the CAE if they engage in inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior includes any activity that disturbs others including profanity or any other behavior generally considered unacceptable in a public place. Inappropriate behavior includes any behavior that endangers the safety of others, interferes with the operations of the CAE, or damages the building or its furnishings.

  • GG-07: The CAE will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal items or data.

  • GG-08: Users are encouraged to bring suggestions or problems to the attention of CAE staff members.

  • GG-09: Food and drinks are not allowed at computer workstations. Please properly dispose of or store food and drink containers before using any workstation. Consumable products may be stored in designated areas. Consuming drinks, but not food, is allowed at tutoring tables.

  • GG-10: Computers are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Users agree to move to other computers within the CAE when requested by a CAE staff member. Computer reservations are not accepted.

  • GG-11: Center staff members are available to assist users with course-related projects or assignments. Center staff members, however, are not obligated to do coursework or personal work for users. No assistance is provided with take-home quizzes or tests.

  • GG-12: Children younger than 13 years are not permitted in the CAE. Children may not be left unattended in hallways.

  • GG-13: Telephones located in the CAE are for staff use only.

  • GG-14: Computers are turned off 10 minutes prior to closing.

  • GG-15: The use of cell phones is prohibited in the CAE. All cell phones and pagers are to be turned off or set to "silent ring only" before entering the CAE. Users should leave the CAE to answer a call or to return a page.

Tutoring Guidelines

  • TG-01: Tutees are CAE users who are scheduled for tutoring appointments in the CAE. Tutees may schedule appointments over the telephone or in person. The length of a tutoring appointment is determined by the tutor but shall not exceed 55 minutes.

  • TG-02: Only one upcoming tutoring appointment per course may be scheduled. A maximum of one appointment per week per course is allowed, tutors' schedules permitting. Tutoring appointments are accepted no more than seven days in advance. This allows as many students as possible to use tutoring services.

  • TG-03: Although tutors strive to accommodate students' requests for individual tutoring, there may be times when this is not possible. Interruptions may occur during tutoring appointments.

  • TG-04: If a tutee cannot keep a scheduled appointment, he or she is required to contact the Center at least two hours before the start of the appointment. If on two occasions a tutee fails to provide at least two hours notification for the cancellation of an appointment, scheduled tutoring eligibility will be rescinded for the remainder of the semester. A tutee who is more than 15 minutes late shall be deemed to have missed his/her appointment.

  • TG-05: If a tutee requests the cancellation of more than four tutoring appointments in a given semester, scheduled tutoring eligibility will be rescinded for the remainder of the semester.

Computer Guidelines

  • CG-01: Practices that are permissible in classroom computer labs are not necessarily permissible in the CAE.

  • CG-02: Computer resources are for professional and educational use only. Gambling, viewing of pornography, or other objectionable activities are not permitted. Use of social media sites is discouraged.  Center staff members may monitor computer usage in order to ensure compliance with CAE and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana policies.

  • CG-03: Computer resources are designated for educational purposes directly related to current enrollment in courses offered by Ivy Tech Community College. Users seeking computer access for this purpose take precedent over users accessing computer resources for any other purpose.  Center staff reserves the right to request anyone not using computers in accordance with endeavors of an academic nature to relinquish computer use to a person seeking computer resources for the intended purpose.

  • CG-04: Users should not attempt to fix a computer problem. If a problem exists, users should immediately contact a Center staff member.

  • CG-05: Please contact a staff member regarding course-related software that is unavailable on computers.

Storage Media

  • CG-06: Users must provide their own storage media for portable use. A Student Drive folder is available on all CAE computer desktops for temporary, unsecured storage. The CAE makes no guarantee of privacy, immediate access, or protection against deletion for any data saved in a Student Drive folder. Use of a Student Drive folder is at user's own risk. Saving work every five minutes is strongly recommended.

  • CG-07: Users encountering problems with their own storage media should request assistance from Center staff members.

Computer Environment

  • CG-07: Users may not move, adjust, or turn off computers or monitors. Users are not allowed to disconnect any hardware for any reason. Users may not change the appearance of the operating system desktop or change the screen resolution. If a need arises, the user must request assistance from a Center staff member.

  • CG-08: Some software programs are only installed on specific computers. If a user cannot find a particular software program, a Center staff member will be able to inform the user of computers, if any, that have the software program installed.

  • CG-09: If a virus is found on a computer or storage medium, users must immediately contact a CAE staff member for assistance.

  • CG-10: When finished using a computer, each user is asked to exit all programs and log off, leaving the Window’s desktop screen visible.

Use of Printers

  • CG-11: Printing is limited to currently enrolled students and staff at Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.

  • CG-12: Users are allowed to print only course-related materials.

  • CG-13: Printing of course-related documents from the Internet, including Blackboard should be limited to one copy of preferably no more than 10 pages.

  • CG-14: Center staff reserve the right to rescind printing privileges in CAE computer labs to users who send repeated print requests of an excessive or non-academic nature.

  • CG-15: At times when a Center's resources are being used at full capacity, documents may require some lead-time to print. Users should allow additional preparatory time in order to meet deadlines. Center staff will accommodate users' printing needs on a first-come, first serve basis.

  • CG-16: If multiple copies of documents are required, coin-operated copiers are available.  Please see a staff member for directions to the closest location.   

  • CG-17: Users may not change printer settings. Users with special printing requirements should seek assistance from a Center staff member.

  • CG-18: Users may not load their own paper or envelopes into a printer. If a user needs to print on special material, the user should ask a Center staff member for assistance.

  • CG-19: Transparency and/or adhesive-label printing is prohibited.

  • CG-20: Users should not attempt to clear paper jams. A Center staff member should be contacted for assistance if a paper jam occurs.

  • CG-21: If paper or toner is needed, the user should contact a Center staff member.

  • CG-22: Users are asked to be environmentally sensitive by recycling all white printer paper in the designated blue recycling bins. Please note that recycling bins are not receptacles for trash disposal or other types of paper, including ruled or colored paper.