Bridge to Success

An opportunity to ensure student success at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast


About the Bridge to Success Academy

The Bridge to Success Academy at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast is an innovative and creative summer program providing incoming, first-time students with the necessary tools and knowledge in order to transition and succeed in the college classroom.
• Team building and ice-breakers
• Facilitated by mentors, faculty and staff of Ivy Tech Community College Northeast

To help new students transition into college by providing a sense of community through the first semester and fulfill the IVYT 111 requirement. The best part is you receive college credit for FREE!

Students who qualify for IVYT 111 can fill out an application to take this course. Ask your advisor for details. 

Classes will be held during the intersession which runs August 10–21, 2015.
Class will meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Student Life Center, Room 136

Call Tera Archbold at (260) 481-2216

It’s FREE!

Students who are interested in taking advantage of this free opportunity must apply.

Deadline for application is July 24, 2015. Letters of acceptance will be sent out July 27, 2015.

Particpants said...

"I got to communicate with different people.  I developed friendships and I know that if I see Kaarina in the hallway I can ask her if she has had a class and get advice.  Bonding."

"Coolest thing and I have 11 more friends than I knew before I started.  I met ton of employees and it's so neat when someone recognizes me.  Normally, I would walk in and if I saw a group of people from my class sitting together I would have just walked by and sat by myself but now I felt comfortable sitting with them."

"It gave me more confidence.  Great to meet all the people and get to know them."

"Good review of resources of the school."

"I learned so much.  When I first came here I was just going  and now I learned where I can go and the resources."