Rules and Regulations

When coming to test please have a valid government issued ID with you.

  • Depending on your certification you may need to provide a second government issued ID. Most certifications require one unexpired government issued ID with a picture and signature and a second valid government issued ID with a signature. Please check with your test vendor for their requirements.

Please do not bring cell phones, recorders, beepers, or any other electronic items to the center. Lockers are available for storage of items.

No purses, hats, books, dictionaries, notes, food, or other personal belongings are permitted in the test center. Lockers are available for storage of items.

Children are required to be accompanied on the Ivy Tech Community College campus due to security and insurance purposes.

  • All children must be under direct supervision of parent or guardian. No children can be left unsupervised in or around the Workforce Certification and Assessment Center. Your testing may be interrupted, stopped or ended while you are asked to secure your children.

The center provides all calculators, scratch paper, pencils, and computers.

No weapons are allowed in the center. Please leave them at home or store them in a secure location.

No smoke breaks are allowed during your test.

All testing is under camera and proctor surveillance.

If you require a medical device or other accommodation during testing, please bring documentation with you. Call ahead to reserve a date and time and to ensure that the center can accommodate you. 260-480-2043.