The House on Mango Street will be integrated into classroom curricula, giving Ivy Tech North Central, Ivy Tech Northwest and IU Northwest students, faculty and staff the opportunity to reflect on the themes present in the book. The community is asked to join in the reading program by participating in events open to the public.

The House on Mango Street, a national best seller, is available at local bookstores and online. To purchase a copy from Random House, click on the book cover to the right of this page.

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Working as a community to promote positive social change is one of the goals of this reading initiative. With that in mind, we encourage you, as a local resident, to consider volunteering in the community. Volunteerism is the core of each and every sustainable community.

Community organizations are actively seeking individuals with the necessary skills and experience who are willing to offer their services and work on a full or part-time basis without compensation on projects or in positions that benefit the organization itself or the people it serves.

Find out more about volunteer opportunities in your area:

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Make a Difference Michiana

The House on Mango Street
Author: Sandra Cisneros

Doranna Byrd
Asst. Director of Diversity
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