The Medical Laboratory Technology program at Ivy Tech Community College is a wonderful program. It teaches you so much interesting and knowledgeable information that you will remember throughout your career as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Not only is the information a wonderful thing, the MLT staff at Ivy Tech are just as wonderful. When you are in the program you feel as if you are a "family" and everyone stays close. All in all, the MLT program at Ivy Tech is the best there is!
Ashley Hamilton

I graduated from the Medical Laboratory Program in 1994, since then this program at Ivy Tech Community College has given me the tools and support to help others and also further my education by receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Medical Technology. Not only has the Ivy Tech Medical Laboratory program changed my life, but now I can help change someone else's life by giving back through educational means in this program.
Heather Christenberry

The Medical Laboratory Technology program is an exciting and wonderful experience. As a student in the program you receive hands on experience working in a lab. You receive the knowledge of how to perform the tests on everyday specimens that you would receive during your career. We use real specimens so the tests are very real and the results are also very real. The laboratory at Ivy Tech is fully equipped with all the equipment that you will need. The information we learned is very interesting and will be used daily.

As a single mother, the thought of going back to school can be overwhelming. Although having a very helpful, skillful, and knowledgeable program director makes the transition easier. There was always one-on-one time available, if needed, for tutoring and guidance.

I have enjoyed my experience at Ivy Tech. It has been a fascinating experience. The Medical Laboratory Technology program has given me a new outlook on life. I have already recommended the program to many current, undecided students, and also individuals who are not yet students and are just now applying.
Carrie Innie

Ivy Tech's MLT program has been a huge blessing for me! Before I discovered Ivy Tech, I was in a job that I disliked and was going nowhere fast. I graduate in six months and am excited about starting my new career in a field I find challenging, rewarding, and often fascinating.

The director is a very talented instructor and leader, is very aware, and strives to meet all of the many different learning needs of each individual student and is a cheerleader for us. In order for students to have a great college experience that prepares them and gives them confidence for the "real world", the leader of the program must not only be knowledgeable, but must possess the ability to teach, lead by example for other instructors, and convey the information  in a manner that the students can get a sense of what is expected and important. This is what separates this program from others, and what makes Ivy Tech's MLT program well worth the investment.
Matthew C. Barnett

My MLT degree from Ivy Tech in South Bend made such a difference in my life. I was able to complete my degree and start my new job as an MLT in only two years. I was able to pass my board exams after attending the classes and I feel confident in my abilities as a tech because of the education I received there. I was able to take an additional 25 general education credits and become a certified MT. I am now the lead tech at my hospital in all but two areas and I do all of the training for new techs and phlebotomists. I have also tripled my annual salary. I would not have been able to achieve this without the strong laboratory knowledge base I received from my MLT teachers.
Laura Glenn, South Bend