Frequently Asked Questions


What LTA degrees are available at Ivy Tech?

How long does it take to complete the degree?

Do I have to complete the full degree or can I just take a few courses?

Do I have to have a computer and Internet access at home to take a class?

What is it like to take a course online?

Can I be successful in an online course?

What is each course about?

I've never taken a college level course before. Do I have to be "accepted" into the College or program to take a course?

What's the cost?

Is financial aid available?

How do I register?

When are the courses offered?

Will any of the courses transfer to a four year school?

Will the courses count towards a Masters in Library Science?

Can I use the Ivy Tech LTA courses for Indiana Public Librarian Certification?

What kinds of students are taking the LTA courses and degree?

What is the job outlook and salary level for LTA's?