Lean Health Care

(Course ID: HLTH LEA1)
Lean Health Care is a term that means adding value to the customer by eliminating an expenditure that does not create value to the end customer. Value is defined as any process or action for which the customer is willing to pay. The essence of Lean Thinking is to eliminate waste through understanding the value to the customer or patient, how to deliver that value, how to create an efficient, waste-free continuous flow built on pull versus batch and queue approach, and to continue pursuit of a perfect system. Lean is the way to reduce costs while actually increasing patient satisfaction. Basically, Lean is creating more value with less work. The Lean methodology can be applied to any manufacturing or service area. Health care services are often batch and queue, with patients spending most of their time waiting until a health care practitioner is available. Turn around time, patient cycle time in hospital facilities, post-care facilities, or laboratories has become a key measurement that must be improved.

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