Informatics Program Outcomes:
  • Understand and support strategic direction for informatics within the enterprise.
  • Apply knowledge management tools for the enterprise.
  • Identify and employ informatics standards.
  • Ensure that knowledge, information, and data needs of project or program users and stakeholders are met.
  • Support information system development, procurement, and implementation that meet organizational needs.
  • Understand internal information technology operations related to a project or program.
  • Examine information technology operations managed by external hosts.
  • Communicate with cross-disciplinary users, leaders and team members.
  • Operate, maintain, and evaluate information systems and applications.
  • Support use of informatics to integrate organizational policies, external legal directives, and related operational procedures.
  • Employ solutions that ensure confidentiality, security, and integrity while maximizing availability of information for stakeholders.
  • Conduct education and training in informatics associated with program of focus.