Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) was established by students to encourage participation in student government and to promote college spirit and recognition. SGA is the voice of the student body, serving as the liaison between students and the faculty, staff and administration. SGA improves student development and the campus community through participation in the governance of the college and providing and supporting student-organized events.


Central Indiana President: Christopher Bowen


Vice President: Katelynn Howard

Finance Director: Elizabeth Gyimah

Communications Director: Ton-Jhanique Riley


Vice President: Lillie Beasley

The constitution may be revised periodically as a course of SGA business proceedings. Contact the Office of Student Life and Development or the Student Government Association for the most current version of the constitution.

Want to get involved in Student Government Association?

Student Senate
The Student Senate serves as the voice of the student body. It is committed to representing the views and needs of the student body to campus administration. The Student Senate is comprised of 20 members who are dedicated to serving the students and are committed to excellence.

We are now accepting applications for Student Senator positions!

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Each degree-granting academic program of the college will be a constituency for one elected student senator. Undecided students will collectively be represented by one elected student senator.

All Student Senate members must maintain a semester and cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 of higher and be enrolled in a minimum of three (3) credit hours per semester, excluding the summer semester.

For more information contact the Office of Student Life & Development:

North Meridian Campus IFC 125

Lawrence Campus FB 101A

Amanda Bremmer
Acting Director of Student Life & Development
North Meridian  (317) 916-7571
Lawrence  (317) 917-5944

LaMarcus Hall
Assistant Director of Student Life & Development
North Meridian  (317) 921-4969
Lawrence  (317) 917-5944

Renita Jones
Student Engagement Specialist
(317) 916-7570