Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The mission of CAB is to strive to provide the campus community with diverse programs of cultural, social, and educational variety to meet the needs of the campus community through the efforts of students who actively plan, implement and evaluate programs.

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Meet the Team


Daniel Rodriguez

Vice President

Brandon Torres

Community Service and Education Director

Jessica McClimon

Social Director

Mary Kate McFarling


Amanda Bremmer


Dane Or Nah?

Hip Hop Class

April 23, 2014

12:00 pm

IFC 508

CAB Friday Family Fun Night

April 18, 2014

LAW 243

6:00 PM

Join CAB for Friday night crafts, movie and dinner - fun for the whole family! Crafts will begin at 6:00 pm - everyone will find something to enjoy and make. Pizza and the  Movie: Toy Story 3 will follow at 6:45 pm.

Introducing CAB Cafe Fusion at LAW!

Tuesday, April 29


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Cafe Fusion

Wednesday, April 30

IFC 102

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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For more information contact the Office of Student Life & Development:

North Meridian Campus IFC 125

Lawrence Campus FB 101A

Amanda Bremmer
Acting Director of Student Life & Development
North Meridian  (317) 916-7571
Lawrence  (317) 917-5944

LaMarcus Hall
Assistant Director of Student Life & Development
North Meridian  (317) 921-4969
Lawrence  (317) 917-5944

Robin Spearin
Student Engagement Specialist
(317) 916-7570