You are the College's most valuable asset. That is why we sponsor a wellness program designed to help you and your family achieve and maintain good health. Your good health contributes to the quality of your work, and it can keep medical care costs down for both you and the College.

Our wellness program is made up of several elements:

Awareness - It is important to become aware of your state of health. The Wellness Program may sponsor health screenings in your region which include certain medical tests. The Wellness Program also provides health risk appraisals; based on your individual responses, you will receive feedback about potential health concerns. You will be charged a nominal fee for the screening. Your dependents are also welcome to participate for the same fee.
Education - The program provides periodic health and fitness information. It is important to learn what you can do to improve your lifestyle and health. But it is also important to learn how to make wise health care decisions-such as when to go to the doctor or how to self-treat an injury. Education can play a large role in improving your well-being.

Action - once you are aware of your health goals and how to achieve them, the program will help motivate you and support you in reaching them. Regions may inform employees of local exercise programs or sponsor health fairs. Sometimes, employees join together and begin an exercise group. Each region may have different special programs of particular interest to local employees.

In summary, the College-sponsored Wellness Program provides you with the following items:

An annual health status assessment with suggestions for health improvement, and
Periodic special regional activities targeting different health care topics.
  Contact your supervisor or the Human Resources Department for more information about the Wellness Program in your region.