Frequently Asked Questions

Why were different disbursement dates published for the Spring 2010 semester?

What is Ivy Tech's verification process? How long does it take, does it happen at a campus or statewide level, does it go alphabetically or by C#?

Do students who have selected the debit card get verified first?

When the amount goes zero on the student account in Campus Connect's Self-Service Banner, what happens next and what is the timeline?

How long does it take Higher One to process funds once they have been received from Ivy Tech?

When the Higher One account says "Refund Record Received - Funds Transfer from University in Process," how much time will it take until the student receives their funds?

What are the hours of operation at Ivy Tech and Higher One?

What is the deadline for changing a refund option?

Does Ivy Tech and/or Higher One delay payment of my refund to earn interest?

What are the fees associated with Higher One?

I discovered that my refund was available in my Higher One account but I did not receive an email or text. Why did this happen?

I selected Higher One as my bank. How do I get my money off that debit card, either cash or by transferring it into my personal banking account?

If you have further questions or need assistance, please call the telephone number on the back of your card or go to