I have had a great experience here at Ivy Tech. Everyone here has been extremely helpful from the professors to the advisors, testing center personnel, financial aid and book store staff. All the people I have dealt with have been very encouraging and pleasant. I chose Ivy Tech for several reasons. One is that I had heard good reports from other Ivy Tech students, and because the location was convenient, it was cost effective and offers a wide variety of degree and course option and flexible schedules. My favorite parts of attending Ivy Tech were the informative and exhilarating classroom discussions and debates on different topics and issues.

I will be entering a bachelor's degree program at Purdue with plans to continue for my graduate degree and possibly on to law school. The sky's the limit! I would strongly recommend Ivy Tech to prospective students and would also advise them to take advantage of the many events and lectures that are offered outside of the classroom, even if they aren't required for their degree program. I have found these to be very useful and informative.

How has Ivy Tech changed my life? A better question would be, "How hasn't Ivy Tech changed my life?" A few years ago, I would not have imagined that I would be about to enter a bachelor's degree program or that I would find myself saying, "I can't wait to get to class" or "that assignment was fun." I never thought I would learn to enjoy learning, but thanks to Ivy Tech I do and I'm not planning to stop anytime soon.
Thomas O'Brien

I choose Ivy Tech because it was affordable and approved me for instate tuition with out an extremely excessive hassle like other colleges. My favorite part of attending Ivy Tech is that the workload is heavy enough to effectively learn, but flexible enough to allow a student to work a full time job as well. I plan to transfer to Purdue and major in Biology, then attend medical school in order to start a career as a doctor.

For other students considering Ivy Tech, why not go and get your core classes out of the way for a MUCH more affordable price than going to a more expensive, big named school? It only makes complete financial sense.
James Sandwich

I have enjoyed my time at Ivy Tech. I have learned so many things and I have met a lot of interesting people. I like the diversity of the students. Sometimes I feel like I am the oldest student, but I am not. It's nice to see other people changing careers later in life. I chose Ivy Tech for the affordability and the proximity to my home. What would I tell other students who are considering attending Ivy Tech? I would tell them to take their basic classes before making any career decisions. I would also tell them to see what interests them at Ivy Tech and then attend some information sessions and learn more about it.

I am planning on continuing my education either at Indiana University or St. Elizabeth School of Nursing. I am taking the summer off to spend time with my children and then I will be back to school for two more years and then hopefully beginning my career. Ivy Tech has changed my life in many ways. I have been attending Ivy Tech for 20 years and I am different person now with different interests than when I began. I have learned how to study, which was a skill I didn't have in high school. I have also learned that the instructors are people too and that sometimes they can have a bad day and not to take it personally.
Patience Smith

Ivy Tech has been great in helping me achieve my goals. It has helped me become a better more organized person. I really have enjoyed my time at Ivy Tech. I came to Ivy Tech because I want to transfer to Purdue University. I was not really sure what I wanted to do once I got there, but Ivy Tech has helped show me what I like to do and now I am more ready than ever to go to Purdue. I would like to go to Purdue and study Business Construction Management, then hopefully achieve my goal of working for myself someday owning my own Construction business.

It has made me a better person through understanding of ideas. I am now more than ever prepared to face life's challenges. To other students considering Ivy Tech, do it. This school will change you outlook on life not just because of new thoughts or ideas you learn, but because of the fact that you want to change.
Neal Williamson

Most of my experiences at Ivy Tech have been good ones. I rarely ever had a problem getting into the classes that I needed and if I did, the advisers were good at helping me with it. I never had a problem with my professors. Most of them were very good and knew what they were doing. I chose Ivy Tech because right after high school I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted my career to be. It was a cheaper choice since I didn't know for sure what I wanted to do rather than paying twice that much at Purdue. My favorite part about attending Ivy Tech is getting to meet new people from other parts of the state. My goal for after Ivy Tech is to continue my education at IUPUI for Dental Hygiene. Hopefully I will make it into the program and start that chapter of my life next spring. I would tell other students who are attending Ivy Tech that it is a good school. It is especially good for students who are not quite sure what they want to do. I would say that Ivy Tech has helped me be a little more vocal. I definitely speak more in class and I am not as shy as I used to be.
Brittney Lakin

After graduation from Ivy Tech, I hope to be accepted at Purdue for fall 2012 to get my degree in landscape architecture. I will continue working at Don Pablo's and plan to work there while at Purdue and once I get to the internship for that degree. I would like to have my own landscape business.

My favorite part about ivy tech is the friends I have made. I made a point to show up early for my classes so that I could hang out with them and even stayed after my classes were over. I still show up early and some days late so I could hang with a few of them this semester. That is my favorite part the part I will miss most. I have enjoyed the experience I had. It may have taken a little longer than I had intended but I am glad that it did. Otherwise, I would not have met the people that I did. Without them having been in my life, and in some cases still in my life, I wouldn't be the same person.
Luke Evans

Bachelor of General Studies Information
Indiana University