Ivy Tech Community College is Indiana’s workforce development leaders, preparing more highly skilled and technically competent workers for the increasingly rigorous, ever-changing demands of the job market. If you are looking for candidates for internships, full or part-time positions, we can assist you in filling the position.

Our services are all free of charge and include:


Internships, otherwise known as experiential education, are windows into the world of professional work, chances to take a risk-free career test drive, and opportunities for students to explore career choices.

Recruit our students for internship opportunities in your company. 

Participating employers reported improved recruitment, employee flexibility, decreased labor cost and highly motivated employees.  Click here to post your internships on HireIvy.

Why should you consider an Intern?

Do you have special or short-term projects?  Before you pull your employees from their regular tasks or hire a temporary worker, consider hiring an intern to assist you.

Want to improve your company’s recruiting efforts?  Internships offer you an opportunity to evaluate potential candidates before they become fulltime employees.  In addition, they provide you with a competitive edge in hiring by developing interest and commitment to your company prior to graduation.

Want to increase your on campus presence?  Interns generate word of mouth advertising on campus.

Responsibilities of Employers

Provide mentoring support with knowledgeable supervisors, and communication with the intern on a regular basis through interaction and evaluation to help improve skills.

Give the intern meaningful and valuable projects to work on.

Encourage the intern to share ideas in team meetings and daily interactions.

On Campus Recruiting

Increase your company’s visibility and recruit on campus by attending our recruiting events held throughout the year. Interview rooms are also available on campus. HireIvy and the opportunity to participate in on-campus recruiting events and job/internship fairs year round are free. To receive notices of our upcoming recruiting, make sure you have a HireIvy account.