Chancellor's Office
Dr. Andy Bowne - Chancellor
Sheila Johnson - Administrative Services Manager

Chancellor's Cabinet
Kelsey Batten - Executive Director of Marketing & Enrollment Management
Tracey Danner-Odenwelder - Executive Director of Resource Development
Bryan Douglass- Corporate College Executive
Ryan Johnson - Director of Institutional Research
Tim Kelsey - Executive Director of Human Resources
Kristin Keisling - Executive Director of Finance
Mary Lewellen - Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Director of Express Enrollment
Ron Sloan - Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Josh Thomas - Director of Regional IT Operations
James Willey - Campus President, Anderson

Academic Affairs
Neil Anthony - Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Paula Boley - Dean, School of Health Sciences
Owen Fry - Dean, Academic Skills
Susan Nelson - Dean, School of Nursing
Jeff Scott - Dean, School of Education, School of Public and Social Services, School of Business
Joyce Wilkerson - Dean, School of Technology

Chancellor's Welcome

Board of Trustees