Transfer Student

Ivy Tech is the perfect place to get started on your four-year degree.

Whether your goal is to earn an associate degree and then further your education with a bachelor's degree, or if you are already enrolled at a four-year college/university but want to pick up courses over the summer and transfer the credits, Ivy Tech Community College is right for you. There is no better way to decrease your costs than to earn credits at Ivy Tech and transfer them to a four-year college/university.

Ivy Tech Community College is the most affordable college in Indiana - about half the cost of other schools. You can earn a transferable degree for around $3,000 a year. Do the math yourself and figure out how much you can save by starting at Ivy Tech and transferring credits to a four-year school.

The key is to check with both Ivy Tech advisors and the college/university you wish to transfer to make sure that you are taking the correct transferable degrees and/or courses.