Design Technology Program Competencies

  1. Computer Aided Design and Drafting knowledge & techniques. Apply the use of CAD software in solving design technology problems and to generate architectural/mechanical drawings.
  2. Apply STEM to tech problems. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to solve design technology problems.
  3. Experiment, Measure, & Analyze. Ability to interpret and analyze information from various sources, then integrate the information into solving design technology problems.
  4. Teamwork – Function effectively as a member of a technical team.
  5. Identify and Solve Problems – Identify, analyze, and solve narrowly defined technical problems.
  6. Communication – Apply written, oral and graphical communication skill in both technical and non-technical environments; identify and use appropriate tech literature.
  7. Lifelong learning – Understand the need for , and engagement in, self-directed continuing professional development
  8. Professional/Ethical/Diversity – Demonstrate understanding of and commitment to address professional and ethical responsibilities, including a respect for diversity.
  9. Quality, Continuous Improvement – Demonstrate a commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement.