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The dental assistant is an integral part of the dental health care team. Dental assistants must be a second pair of hands for the dentist; therefore, dentists look for people who are reliable, work well with others, are organized, able to multi-task, and have good manual dexterity. In addition, dental assistants need to demonstrate professionalism, have compassion for others as well as the dedication necessary to promote excellent dental health care.

Along with routine chair-side skills, the dental assistant performs much of the patient treatment which includes many complex activities that need a thorough knowledge of the profession and proficient skills. These skills may include taking impressions, placing restorations and temporary crowns, exposing and processing dental x-rays, applying cavity preventive agents to teeth, coronal polishing and the placement of dental dams to isolate teeth for treatment. Further description would include laboratory work, inventory control, patient education as well as front office duties.

The dental assistant's job description involves many activities and responsibilities. From the pre-treatment stage to post-treatment, the dental assistant works with the specialist and the patient. It is quite clear that the dental office functions to its full potential with the efficient services and dedication of the dental assistant.

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