Database Management and Administration Program Outcomes:

  • Identify the organization of data.
  • Discuss and differentiate among types of databases.
  • Apply design theory to a database using database management systems.
  • Design user-centric interfaces to meet business requirements including forms and reports.
  • Employ normalization theory in the design of relational databases.
  • Demonstrate proficiency of database server and application tools, including installation and upgrading.
  • Design, maintain and monitor database server architecture including performance optimization to meet system requirements.
  • Calculate current storage needs and plan for future requirements for the database system.
  • Modify table structures and related elements.
  • Devise backup and recovery measures in a database environment.
  • Design and generate queries related to business requirements.
  • Create stored procedures, functions, and triggers using structured query language.
  • Establish interconnectivity of databases and web applications.
  • Configure database system security including user access.
  • Collect, store and utilize historical data.
  • Identify appropriate technical support practices in database administration.
  • Implement data mining and data warehousing techniques.
  • Explore data analytics and business intelligence concepts.