COURSE CATEGORY: Workplace Fundamentals  
  Corporate College has many offerings that prepare employees to enter and be successful in the workplace and has a variety of other courses that prepare for success in life. Following are a sample of our most popular courses in this category.

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Active Listening
When another person speaks, we are normally listening in one of four levels: Ignoring, Pretending, Selective Listening or Attentive Listening. This Active Listening workshop will give you skills that assist in listening effectively to receive complete and accurate information. These skills transfer well to the classroom and to employment. The course will include a presentation that requires participants to listen, ask questions and demonstrate their understanding.
High School Equivalency Diploma Prep
This course will help you develop the additional reading and thinking skills you'll need to succeed in all five High School Equivalency Diploma test areas: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Literature, and Math.
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Do you know want a sexual harassment lawsuit could cost your company? Too many employers have found out the answer to that question the hard way. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is designed to insure that everyone in the organization is aware of the right and privilege of working in a harmonious, peaceful workplace, free of unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.
Stress Management
Stress is neither good nor bad. Stress is simply a response to the demands of one's environment. Personal Strategies for Managing Stress is a full-day workshop designed for anyone who wants help understanding that it is how they respond to stress, or how well they cope, that makes it a positive, negative, or neutral force in their lives.
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