COURSE CATEGORY: Supervision and Leadership  

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The fundamental concepts of directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating will be presented in terms of Situational Leadership with a focus on application for personal self-development. The participant will be introduced to techniques for giving and receiving feedback in a coaching role.
Conflict Resolution
When you deal with people there will be conflict situations, this is normal. The key is to recognize when conflict is occurring and take steps to manage it. This course covers the basic steps to managing conflict and conflict resolution. First and foremost is to recognize when conflict is occurring. It is not always as obvious as a shouting match. Once the conflict situation is confirmed, understanding the behavior of the parties involved and communication are the key elements in starting the resolution process. Successful resolution involves exploring options, choosing one, and evaluating the results. While not always possible, a successful resolution should allow all parties to go away feeling like winners. This course is designed for front-line and middle-level managers and supervisors.
Management and Supervisory Institute
The Management and Supervisory Institute 2.0 (MSI 2.0) is a high impact, progressive program used to train your most critical personnel: front-line and middle-level managers and supervisors. Many times individuals are moved into supervisory roles with little or no training because they have other key attributes recognized by the organization. While qualified to perform the nuts and bolts of the job, they lack the necessary communication, organization, and motivational skills to effectively get the job done through other people. MSI 2.0 provides manager and supervisor professional development training in communication, leadership, interpersonal skills, and managerial performance. Class participants will be engaged and involved in the following classes while they learn best practices used in other industries and organizations:
  • Your Role Using Extended DISC
  • Tools of Management
  • Leader, Manager, or Both
  • Results-Oriented Communication
  • Writing for Results
  • Presenting for Understanding
  • Manage and Resolve Conflict
  • Cost-Effective Meetings Business Basics
  • HR Aspects of Supervision
  • Supervisor as Coach
  • Employee Development
  • Presentations: Skills Review
Supervisory Success Skills
The Supervisory Success Skills course is designed to start the supervisory development process. This course outlines the key components required of effective supervisors in today's business world. Supervisory Success Skills lays the foundation needed to help first-time supervisors and managers prepare for further supervisory and leadership training and success in your organization. Participants will learn what skills comprise a good supervisor, assess their own personal characteristics that affect their performance, and develop a new awareness of the responsibility and role they each play in their organizations. This instructor-led course with reference materials and handouts uses class discussions and participation to cover the different topics managers and supervisors encounter in the workplace. Active learning activities are used throughout the course to build participants skills and knowledge of the supervisory skills needed for success. Benefits to your organization:
  1. Prepares managers and supervisors for continued training and growth in your organization
  2. Helps first-time supervisors understand their behavior and what motivates other people
  3. Provides understanding of the tools needed to increase productivity in your organization
Team Building
Teamwork is a main focus of any successful company, and a key role for every leader is to never stop building a team environment within his or her organization. This Team building workshop helps students create a level of teamwork awareness, not only in management, but also in every member of the team. During this course, students discover ways to uncover the potential of their organizations and employees by fostering a team approach to daily operations and planning.
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