Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

        COURSE CATEGORY: Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology  
  Corporate College provides hundreds of training options for advanced manufacturing and industrial technology topics. Some of our most popular offerings are listed below.

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AWS Welding
This welding certification course allows highly experienced welders the option to quickly achieve a specific certification issued by the AWS (American Welding Society) in the processes of MIG, TIG, or Stick. Corporate College also offers many specialty AWS courses by position.
Basic Electricity
The study of electrical laws and principles pertaining to DC and AC circuits is the focus of this Basic Electricity Course. This will include among other things; current, voltage, resistance, power, inductance, capacitance, and transformers. The course stresses the use of standard electrical tests, electrical equipment, and basic trouble shooting procedures. Electrical safety and sound practices will be emphasized throughout the various aspects of the course curriculum.
Blueprint Reading
This course provides an introduction to reading and interpreting machine shop symbols, welding blueprints and working drawings used in trades and crafts. Focus will be placed on dimension, shape, fabrication and assembly. Application of basic mathematics to the solution of print and performance problems is also included.
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspector's Commission Course
Corporate College in cooperation with the State of Indiana's Boiler and Pressure Vessel Division, offers a special training course for persons interested in acquiring eligibility for securing certification from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors as an authorized inspector, owner-user inspector or jurisdictional competency recognition. The course is designed for the understanding of ASME code standards, inspection concepts and preparation to sit for the National Board Examination. Persons not possessing all of the requisite experience or who are not employed by a recognized inspection agency at the time they sit for the exam, may attend the class and sit for the examination, but not anticipate receiving a commission until they have gained the required experience or have been employed by a recognized inspection agency. They must, however, be a high school graduate (or the equivalent) and possess a working knowledge of algebra, particularly transposition of formulas and order of operations.
Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT)
Maintenance expenses are the single largest controllable element in any operating budget. This course is designed as an introduction for new maintenance professionals or as a refresher for the veteran employee to give these professionals the knowledge and tools necessary to run an effective maintenance program.
Geometric dimensioning and tolerance is a symbolic language used on engineering drawings and computer generated three-dimensional solid models (CAD) for explicitly describing nominal geometry and its allowable variation. Thus defining the allowable variation in form and possibly size of individual features and defining the allowable variation between features.
Maintenance Technician
This 240-contact hour program provides students with the knowledge and skills to assemble, install, troubleshoot, repair and modify machinery and automated systems in a manufacturing environment.
MSSC Certified Production Technician
The MSSC Certified Production Technician certification is the nationally recognized certification supported by the National Association of Manufacturers. The training will enable workers to build the core knowledge and skills required in modern advanced manufacturing. This course will validate with the certification the worker's technical, academic and employability skills needed in the modern manufacturing environment. The four modules comprising the course are:
  • Safety
  • Maintenance Awareness
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Manufacturing Process and Production
The Certified Production Technician certification is awarded to those that successfully pass each of the four component examinations.
NIMS CNC Machine Operator
Introduces the basic principles and practices of CNC machine operation used in manufacturing environments. The course will cover all aspects of safe and proper use of tooling, fixtures, and precision measurement devices with respect to CNC Parts and CNC machining centers. This course will use lecture, lab, online simulation and programming, testing, and a formal Credentialing Achievement Record to prepare students for NIMS CNC Operator Certification Level 1.
PROGRAMMING SETUP & OPERATIONS: This course covers basic skills for safe and proper set-up, operation, preparation and programming of CNC milling centers. This course utilizes industry standard tooling and equipment, and culminates with a nationally recognized certification part and test. The NIMS Level I CNC Milling I Certification is a skills document verified and recognized by industry professionals.
PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
Introduces the basic theory, operation and programming of programmable logic controllers. Demonstrates programming examples, set-up examples and troubleshooting, as well as PLC timing, counting, arithmetic and logic and sequencers.
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