After working in the business-to-business sales industry for nearly twenty years, I found myself in an unfamiliar position. When the company announced there would be a reduction in force and I was part of the reduction, I was shocked and dismayed. I set out to find new employment, and was told that I had great references and work history, but I did not have any formal education past High School. This put me at a disadvantage.

I spoke with an advisor and mapped out a plan to pursue my interests in computers. The advisor got me started in general education studies and then directed me to the Computer Information Systems and Technology department chair.

After sitting down and discussing my strengths and weaknesses in the information technology world, together we charted a plan. As planned, I started with reinforcing the basics of networking. Some of the information was very familiar to me while other information was not. The faculty did an excellent job of encouraging me to look at information I already understood in a different perspective to gain a better understanding of how each component interacted with the other. The new and unfamiliar information was presented in a way that was clear, concise and easily understood. Each of the faculty members challenged me to excel.

Nearing the end of my educational journey, I was introduced to the Career Services Department. Jamie and her staff were very welcoming and worked very hard to get to know me and understand what I was looking for in my new chosen field. They were able to secure an internship with a local Global manufacturing company that ultimately lead to a full time position.

I would like to again thank Ivy Tech for taking the time to get to know me, understand how I learn and challenge me to exceed even my own expectations. The CINT staff has a unique talent of presenting information and guiding students to understanding. Through anecdotes of familiar terms ("I don't think we're in Kansas anymore"), personal knowledge of systems prior to teaching, and longevity of the subject matter, all were able to tap into resources that challenged and encouraged learning.
Tim Harrison, 2011 CINT Graduate