Business Tech Skills

(Course ID: WORK PRI11)
Provides students with the fundamentals of keyboarding using the touch method. This program emphasizes mastery of the keyboard, developing and applying formatting skills, and improving speed and accuracy on a personal computer using up-to-date software. As well, it introduces the concepts of word processing systems, offering hands-on experience in the operation of a specific word processing software package. Emphasis is placed on applying communication and language arts skills, and developing document production techniques. Students will achieve the ability to utilize email components, including managing schedules, folders and contacts, organizing words using tasks and notes, and customizing email features. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of worksheet design, charting, what-if-analysis, worksheet database creation and manipulation, and OLE. Knowledge and use of a spreadsheet will be applied to various business applications, including spreadsheet integration.

TABE assessment of 8.0 or higher, Offender interview with instructor.

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