Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

GALLERY HOURS: M-F 9-7, Saturday: 9-5      |      2014-2015 Gallery Brochure

Exhibit Opens November 7, 5:00-8:00 PM

Bert Gilbert:  Castings

"Bound", cast iron; "Twenty-Two", cast iron; "Broken", cast iron; "Not Dead", cast iron, titanium, steel & limestone.

Thomas Norpell:  Portraits of Places—Architectural Sculpture

"Palace Theatre"; "Sherlock Holmes Pub"; "Tuscan Balcony", mixed media.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Fall Show

Rebecca Cady, "Still Life with Vase", detail: charcoal & conte crayon; Erin Zanger, "Chickadee", graphite; Tillman Reyes, "Electric Diet", charcoal.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Capstone Show

Tillman Reyes, “Study of Reds”—acrylic; Elizabeth Austin, “Oscar”—plaster; Josh Westerfield, “Still Life with Tiny Guys”—pencil & charcoal; Tillman Reyes, “Electric Diet”—charcoal.

November 7 shows run through November 29

Mon-Fri 9-7.  Sat 9-5.  Open later during theatre performances.  

Proud to be partnering with Oliver Winery at every opening reception.