Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

GALLERY HOURS: M-F 9-7, Saturday: 9-5      |      2014-2015 Gallery Brochure

Special Opening on July 11 Opening Due to Holiday

5:00-8:00 pm

Wyatt LeGrand:  Perception

“Perception 4”, detail—oil on canvas; “Perception7”, detail—oil on canvas; “Perception 8”, detail—oil on canvas.

Kendall Reeves & James Haverstock:  Old Car City—Images from the Hood

Kendall Reeves, “Chrysler”, detail—photograph;  James Haverstock, “Hood Ornament”, detail—photograph.

Perry Olds:  Grids

 “Gingko Leaves”; “Purple Bricks”; “Limes”—photographs.

Karen Holtzclaw:  Portraits

 “Faith”; “Neighbor”; “Helen”; “Student”—oil on canvas.

July shows run July 11-26

Mon-Fri 9-7.  Sat 9-5.  Open later during theatre performances.  

Proud to be partnering with Oliver Winery at every opening reception.