Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

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Indiana University Fine Arts Faculty: Computer-Aided Design & 3D Printing Exhibition

Martha Macleish, “Winter Camping”—laminated polyvinyl chloride & acrylic plastic, 2012; Margaret Dolinsky, “Hard Wired”—wire, wood, embedded, voice-activated electronics, 2013; Andrew Hanson, “Calabi-Yau Manifold:  Visual Description”—gypsum powder & dyes, 2013

Ryan Logan: Plodding, Not Plotting

“#26 of 111”; “#8 of 111”; “#46 of 111”—mixed media, 2011.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students

Hong Nhung Nguyen,  “Green Radial Design”, detail—gouache & ink, 2013; Nor Liell,  “Owl”, detail—taskboard, 2013; Jeff Grounds,  “Hand”, detail—graphite, 2013.

Ivy Tech Associate of Fine Arts Degree Students: 

Capstone Show 2014

April Middleton,  “Bird”—limestone, 2013; April Middleton, “Organic Design”—cut paper, 2012;  Robert Soper, “Wisedom”—mixed media, 2013; Robert Soper, “Still-Life with Lamp”, detail—charcoal & white chalk.

Shows run April 4-26

Exhibit runs through March 30

Monroe County Community School Corporation: Youth Art Month 2014

Sarah Whitmer , "Sunset Silhouette", tempera paint, 2013; Thomas Thayer, "Super Doodle", detail, marker & ink, 2013; Min Jee Park, "Summer Scene", detail, scratchboard, 2013.

Cailey Doering, "Hair Expressions", photograph, 2013;  Nicholas Baudouin, "High Desert", detail, oil pastel, 2013.

Bailey Tichenor, "Venetian Wall", oil on canvas, 2013;  Emma Barnett, "Orchid Spray", graphite, 2013; Emma St. John, "Sunglasses", detail, photograph, 2013.

Lucia Bennett: Recent Works

“Untitled #303”; “Untitled #302”; “Untitled #301”—painted wood wall sculptures, 2013.

Shows run March 7-29

Mon-Fri 9-7.  Sat 9-5.  Open later during theatre performances.  

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