Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

GALLERY HOURS: M-F 9-7, Saturday: 9-5      |      2012-2013 Gallery Brochure

Opening Friday July 5, 5-8 pm


Joyce K. Jensen

Jensen's vivid colors and brilliant reflections create a sparkling world full of highlights and reflections.

Robert Mirek

Mirek based these sculptures on the primal organic molecular forms revealed by electron microscopes.

For additional information, please visit http://www.lmstudio.com/strands

Annie Young

Blind artist Annie Young shows paintings that incorporate touch and texture, as well as form and color.

"Sweet Honey"; "Faith", detail; "Confetti Susan"  acrylic paint, textured mediums, and collage.

Fri, July 5, 5-8 pm:  Hands-on activities for all visitors to try making art without being able to see it.

Sat, July 27, 1-2 pm:  Forward Positive:  Gallery Talk and "Touch Tour" by Annie Young 

Sat, July 27, 1-4 pm:  Inspired Touch:  Hands-On Clay Workshop for the Visually Impaired and their Allies.

All events are FREE and made possible by generous support from these sponsors:

The City's Council on Community Accessibility, the Indiana Arts Commission, Ivy Tech Bloomington, and WonderLab.

For additional information about Annie Young, visit

Annie's gallery: www.mnartists.org/work.do?rid=316545&pageIndex=1

To see Annie in action, here is a local news segment about her:


Katie Vernon

Bloomington artist Katie Vernon illustrates for Ikea, The Land of Nod, Chronicle Books and other clients.

JUNE 2013

Drew Etienne:  Order, Chaos, and the Cosmos

Etienne features landscapes of vast distances with references to science fiction and 1960's Op-Art.

"Surrendering to an Indigenous Invasion?", detail; "Cyberspace" detail; "Cold Future", detail: acrylic, ink, and pencil on canvas or panel.

Payson McNettAutomating Instinct

McNett explores our modern world as a state of being part-nature, part-machine.

"Clouds and Fields 3", detail; "Intersection 1"; "Building Clouds", detail: graphite and black pastel on paper.

James Lax:  Recent Carvings

Celebrate Limestone Month this June with a visit to see Lax's richly ornate, historically-inspired pieces.

"Rosette 7"; "Rosette 6?"; "Rosette 16?"?, carved limestone.

Colette Ross-Boggan:  Experiences

Ross-Boggan may spark memories of your own childhood with her intricate and lovingly detailed works.

"Grandma and Grandpa"; "Making Tea Cakes with Grandma", detail; "Grandma's House II?", detail: mixed media collage.

MAY 2013

Devin Balara: Tedium

Suburban sameness and domestic detritus are explored on many levels by sculptor Devin Balara.

"Old Faithful"; "Domestic Sediment", detail; "Timidity"; "Floridian Snowflakes, detail: sculpture.

Lynn Retson:  Road Trip

Retson renders dramatic Midwestern landscapes in black pastel and graphite.

"Clouds and Fields 3", detail; "Intersection 1"; "Building Clouds", detail: graphite and black pastel on paper.

Rowena Comrie:  Tiny Diamonds in the Cosmic Sands

Colorist painter Rowena Comrie visits from Glasgow, Scotland. She presents art made in the UK & Indiana.

"Glasgow Colors", detail; "Flip Flow"; "Slide": oil on canvas.

Ruth Kelly:  Portraits

Kelly's informal portraits capture slice-of-life moments and a variety of personalities.

"Smoke Break"; "Woman Reading to Children"; "Young Women, North Amsterdam": photographs.

APRIL 2013

Stefan Petranek: It Came From Within

Herron School of Art and Design professor Stefan Petranek explores DNA as life's underlying structure.

 "X-ome #3"; "What I Must Wear Now", detail; "Twelve Exact Differences", photographs.

Thomas Harris: Vessels vs Vassals--Modern Takes on Function and Fantasy

Bloomington ceramicist Thomas Harris mixes sophisticated pottery with quirky figurines.

 "Chicken Gargoyle"; "Paisley Vase with Donut"; "Grim Reaper Gnome"; "Paisley Skirted Vase" ceramics.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Spring Semester 2013:

Ivy Tech Fine Arts students display a semester's worth of 2-D and 3-D art projects.

April Middleton, "Cut Paper", detail;  Richard Burke, "Sea with Sunset", detail, oil on canvas;  Jonathan Matthos, "Self-Portrait", charcoal and white conte crayon;  Maryanne Widau, "Woods and Creek", oil on canvas, Fall Semester, 2012.

Ivy Tech Alternative Spring Break 2013: 

In Words and Pictures

Photos by Chelsea Rood-Emick, Director of Civic Engagement, Ivy Tech-Bloomington, 2012.

Monroe County Community School Corporation

Youth Art Month 2013

Left to right: Alwyn Mouton, ???Umbrella???, photograph, 2013;  Sarah Snoddy, "Untitled", photograph, 2013;  Holly Colvin Clark, "Untitled, detail", photograph, 2012. 

Left to right: Hannah Brown, "Parrot", oil on canvas, 2013;  Laura White, "Untitled", photograph, 2011; Hannah Brown, "Sea Turtle", oil on canvas, 2013. 

Left to right: Vasundhara Singh, "Untitled", photograph, 2013;  Dathan Schmidt, "Vase", ceramics, 2012; Bethany Lumsdaine, "Portrait", acrylic, 2013. 

Daren Pitts RedmanAbstract Statements: Contemporary Art Quilts

Ms. Redman makes hand-dyed, free-form fabric pieces inspired by the colors of Brown County and beyond.  To hear her in-depth gallery talk, or take a class with her in fabric dyeing, see below.

Gallery Talk and Textile Dyeing Classes by Daren Pitts Redman at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center


Jeremy Sweet: Cut Away

Californian Jeremy Sweet creates wood panel pieces with free-form edges expertly using a wide range of mixed media.  He cites foreign film, surfing, skateboarding, and fatherhood among his many influences.

"Sailor 3", mixed media;              "Girl 2", mixed media;  "Sailor 1", mixed media;  "Snakeskull", mixed media.

Kelly Franke:  Mary Ellen

Lose yourself in the velvety blacks and seemingly endless textures of Kelly Franke's eleven-foot high charcoal drawings--her meditations on the imagined depths of an individual's psychological distress.

"Sketch 5", digital sketch;        "Mary Ellen:  Panel 1 of 5", charcoal;         "Sketch 3", digital sketch

Ben Pines:  Portraits

Well-remembered for his 2012 Miller Gallery show of striking larger-than-life-sized group portraits, Ben Pines brings his focus back to the individual in this new set of quiet studies.

???Small 9???, oil on canvas;              ???Medium 4???detail???, oil on canvas;              ???Portrait 3???, oil on canvas.

Susan Forney:  Restless Mind

Dedicated to the process of "creative aging" and self-reinvention, Susan Forney had only been painting for four months before a friend encouraged her to apply for this show--an inspiring and dramatic debut.

"Hot Zen", acrylic on canvas;          "All In A Dream", acrylic on canvas;            "Marrakesh Express", acrylic on canvas.

JANUARY 21, 2013

National Society of Arts and Letters:

2013 Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition of Emerging Artists

Indiana artists aged 18-29 compete for a $1,000 Best in Show prize awarded annually by the Bloomington Chapter of the NSAL.  This local group has given away over half a million dollars to support budding careers in visual arts, dance, drama, literature, music, and musical theatre since 1966. 

Top row:  Aidan Schapera, "Untitled", oil;  Mark Totte, "The Disconnection", detail, mixed media;  Drew Etienne, "Happening Upon Debris from the Final Conflict of a (Mostly) Reasonable Species", acrylic;  Christina Weaver, "Bridal Salon", oil.

Bottom row:  Rebecca Buening, "Wallpaper Stains", oil;  Keegan Miles Adams, "Spirit Path", printmaking;  Heather Lovett, "Garret Tedrow", photograph.

See the visual arts show in January.  Return for the FREE performers' showcase on Sunday, April 14.

Becca Jones:  Windowscapes

Sprawling mixed media pieces by Becca Jones combine printmaking, drawing and collage.  Also in this series are tiny copper line etchings made with traditional intaglio techniques.

"Windowscape 4", mixed media;  "Window Bed", mixed media;  "Windowscape 3", detail, mixed media.

Karen HoltzclawTropical Beauties

Popular figure painter Karen Holtzclaw returns to our galleries with a show full of sumptuous florals.