The Herald-Times

Ivy Tech Correction

June 1, 2011

To the editor:

Mike Leonard’s May 21 article regarding IU’s proposed tuition increase and new student fee contained an inaccurate statement regarding Ivy Tech Community College. The article offers an explanation from IU Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Neil Theobald for the new IU student fee of an additional $180 per full-time student for rehabilitation and repair (R&R) of university buildings, bumping the total IU student increase to 5.5 percent in 2011-12.

The article quotes Mr. Theobald as stating that other institutions already have students pay a building rehabilitation and repair fee, “Purdue started six years ago. Ivy Tech has one, too.” To the contrary, Ivy Tech has no such fee, nor has one ever been proposed. The current Ivy Tech proposal for 2011-12 increases student tuition to $107.80 per credit hour, with no new fees or any increase to the only fee all students pay. That single charge is a technology fee of $60 per semester. In total, the proposed increase for full-time Ivy Tech students is 3 percent, or $48.75 per semester.

The average Ivy Tech student takes about eight credit hours per semester. For that student, the total additional cost of tuition with no increase in technology fee is $26.

John Whikehart, Bloomington

The writer is the Chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington.