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Summer Science on the Farm

Ages 11-14

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Campers get a full dose of fresh air and fun at Burton-Kimble Farms, located in Orleans, Indiana. Short-term camps let kids be kids while learning about themselves and the world around them. Burton Kimble Farms is located at 2058 E. CR 800N in Orleans, two miles east of SR37.

Fossils, Fishing Worms and Flying!

Teacher: Patrick Hall
Dates: July 8, 9,10
Time: 9:30 - 11:00am
Ages: 6-12

Session 1: Fossils

Fossils tell of long ago. In this session we will learn about fossils. How they were formed and what that tells us about the Earth. We will also look at different types of fossils and the rocks they come in. Come take a look back to see what kind of life was on the Earth long ago! We will make our own fossils and snacks for this session.

Session 2: Fishing Worms

Wiggling, jiggling and slimy! Come and explore the world of worms! Did you know that all worms were brought over here from Europe! Lucky for us they came over! We will look at worms, see what they eat, and how they help us have a better planet! We will make models of worms, a mini compost bin, and eat a few wigglers too!

Session 3: Flying

Come explore how things flap, float, and fly! In this session we will look at how things get off the ground! We will experiment with things that float and fly! We will make a couple different objects to see what can fly and what will CRASH! Come soar with us! Snacks will be served.


Teacher: Patrick Hall
Dates: July 8, 9,10
Time: 1 - 2:30pm
Ages: 11-14

Come explore the world of CHANGE! In these 3 classes we will use scientific methods to find out how things change! We will study different life forms, look at physical form, and the transformation of objects to discover how these changes make our world an exciting place to live! Come join us for 3 sessions of fun and transform your summer! Snacks will be served in all three classes.