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College for Kids (Ages 11-14)

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Have fun learning with age-appropriate, hands-on "college" classes at Ivy Tech Community College and spend afternoons with City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation's Kid City.

Choose from three sessions below.
Classes run Monday through Friday.

Cost per session:

Full day- $200 Includes programming at Ivy Tech and Kid City, and transportation in-between. Campers should bring a sack lunch.
Camper pickup at Kid City is between 4 and 5:30pm.

Half day- $100 Includes programming at Ivy Tech only. Camper pickup at Ivy Tech is between 11:40am and 12pm.

Class Descriptions

Model Rocketry

WANTED: Rocket scientists ready to blast off on their own space odyssey. You’ll be introduced to the science of rockets - how they are launched safely, and what makes them fly straight (or not). Build your very own model rocket and launch it at the end of the week.


Are you the next Houdini? How about David Blaine? This beginner’s class in magic will teach you tips and tricks to mystify the masses. We will introduce techniques used by professional magicians that will amaze and dazzle your friends.

Edit Audio Like a Pro

Learn the tricks of the trade that will prepare you with the essential skills needed for creating superior music mixes, audio for video, radio, television, theater and media production. Once the basic skills are taught, students will create and edit their own personal audio projects. Please bring your own headphones set to this camp.

Video Storytelling for Journalists

Learn the basics of Video Production & Editing as you become part of a team of middle school "Citizen Journalists." Our crew will use their video storytelling techniques to document summer youth activities in downtown Bloomington with an emphasis on media literacy and developing communication skills. Class meets at the Monroe County Public Library at 303 E. Kirkwood Ave. in Bloomington.

The History of Mathematics

From Babylon to Greece, mathematics has a history of its own. This class will trace the roots of the mathematics discipline from primitive counting through geometry. Learn about clock arithmetic, the Euclidean algorithm, the square, area, volume, and the square root of two. A must take for the mathematical enthusiast!

Number Theory

This class will explore the fascinating power of numbers and how a mathematician thinks. From counting principles and probability (combinatorics) to triangular numbers, sequences and divisibility, learn about the “Queen of Mathematics” in this camp. Other topics will include: paradoxes, the golden ratio, and much, much more!




8:30-11:40 8:30-11:40 8:30-11:40
Model Rocketry Model Rocketry Model Rocketry
Abracadabra Abracadabra Abracadabra
Edit Audio Like a Pro Edit Audio Like a Pro Edit Audio Like a Pro
1:00-4:00 1:00-4:00 3D Jewelry Design Biz (Class description here)
Video Storytelling for Journalists Video Storytelling for Journalists 1:00-4:00
The History of Mathematics The History of Mathematics Video Storytelling for Journalists
    Number Theory

Make College for Kids a full day experience with City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation's Kid City summer camps.

You can drop your child off at 8:30 AM at Ivy Tech to participate in College for Kids from 8:30 am – 11:40 am. Kid City will then provide transportation to Kid City downtown for an afternoon of games, field trips, or swimming. Pick up your child at Kid City in the afternoon.

Please provide a sack lunch for your child.

Camper pick-up is from 4 to 5:30p.m.

Cost is $200 for full-day programming which includes $100 for a College for Kids morning session of your choice, and $100 for a Kid City afternoon session.