Dates: Early September 2014 – July 2015

Katrinka Schroeder Mattick, Account Executive
(812) 330-6004  |

Courses included: (32 training hours each, 160 hours total.)

1. Electrical Wiring Fundamentals

Design and install electrical circuits, select wiring materials and devices, and choose wiring methods. Includes electrical safety, terminology, interpretation of electrical symbols used in construction blueprints, branch circuit layout, over current protection, conductor sizing, grounding, GFCI & AFCI protection, tool usage, and material/device selection.

2. Basic Carpentry and Building Maintenance

Includes carpentry basics, power tool and hand tool safety and use, framing, hanging doors and windows, trim basics, drywall basics, and painting basics.

3. General Maintenance

Covers required record keeping, plumbing basics (fixture repair and replacement, piping, basic plumbing code, etc.), major appliance installation and repair, chemical usage and storage, MSDS files, ADA compliance and safety and liability topics.

4. Heating Fundamentals

Introduces fundamentals applicable to the heating phase of air conditioning. Includes types of units, parts, basic controls, functions, and applications. Emphasizes practices, tool and meter use, temperature measurement, heat flow, the combustion process and piping installation practices. Covers the basic sequence of operation for gas, oil and electric furnaces.

5. Refrigeration

Covers compression systems used in mechanical refrigeration including the refrigeration cycle and system components.

  • Compressors
  • Equipment installation
  • Metering devices
  • Refrigerant charging and recovery
  • System evacuation
  • Tools used to install and service refrigeration equipment
  •  Troubleshooting procedures [electrical, mechanical and refrigeration].
  • Using a refrigerant temperature/pressure chart

Includes clean-up procedures following compressor burnout and analysis of how a single problem affects the rest of the system. Introduces electrical control systems and electrical motor basics as they apply to air conditioning and refrigeration including motor types, starting components, and motor troubleshooting basics.

+ Introduction to the Workplace and Safety (embedded in all the training classes)

Dates: Early September 2014 – July 2015  |  Cost: $1,850

Training is provided in an approximate 1:3 ratio of lecture/lab. Suggested delivery is in 4 hour blocks.


Katrinka Schroeder Mattick
Account Executive
(812) 330-6004

Ivy Tech Corporate College
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