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Personal Enrichment Classes Offered in Orange County

Classes at Burton Kimble Farms, 2058 East Co Road 800 North, Orleans, IN

Take in the beauty of southern Indiana and join us at Rosie Kimble’s homestead, a country escape from the hustle and bustle. Burton Kimble Farms is a cozy gathering place for enrichment, relaxation, learning and fun, located just 2 miles east of downtown Orleans in Orange County.

Farm to Fork Series

In these three classes, we will explore the local food offerings and see what we can cook up! In all classes we will discuss, prepare, and cook what the local area has to offer. Day 1 - We will visit the local Farmers’ Market. Browse through and learn what to look for, how to pick, and buy. We will then cook up a delicious meal using the local fare. Day 2 - “Meating” the dinner challenge. In this class we will be cooking with local meats. From chicken to pork to beef, we will see how to get the most from your food dollar and make it taste good to boot. Day 3 - Vegetables, Vegetables and more Vegetables! In this class we will explore all those veggies from the tame to the wild! Come see what we can make from the bounty of the garden!

CRN 30140-143
Patrick Hall
3 Sessions
6/13/15: 9:00am-12:00pm
6/15/15 and 6/17/15: 1:00-3:00pm
Burton Kimble Farms

Photography for Kids – Ages 8 and older

This three-session class is jam-packed with instruction, fun and practice photography opportunities. Learn the basics of using your digital camera, plus how to polish your work with proper lighting and editing. 4-Hers, here is the chance to upgrade your photography project in time for the fair. The Patchwork Barn at Burton Kimble Farms is a fun place to learn and develop new skills. Be sure to bring your camera, manual if available, cord and memory card (which should be in your camera).

CRN 10697-151
Gretchen Nelson
Burton Kimble Farms

Photography Workshop & Lunch on the Farm

If you are beginning in digital photography, have a new camera and want to learn how to use it, or would like to polish your skills…this is the class for you. Join this session which will combine information, discussion, one-on-one assistance, and actual practice on the grounds at Burton Kimble Farms. You will learn about the various functions of your camera for photographing and editing flowers, nature, people, landscape and more. A light lunch will be provided. Participants should bring camera, manual, cord and memory card (which should be in your camera).

CRN 10696-151
Gretchen Nelson
1 Saturday
Burton Kimble Farms

Ivy Tech Youth Summer Camp at Burton Kimble Farms

Summer Sciences on the Farm

Campers get a full dose of fresh air and fun at Burton Kimble Farms, located in Orleans, IN.  Short-term camp lets kids be kids while learning about themselves and the world around them.  Burton Kimble Farms is located at 2058 E CR 800 N in Orleans, two miles east of SR37.

July 7-9

Day 1
Energy!  Come learn all about energy!  From sunshine to electricity, we use it everyday!  In this class, we will learn all about different types of energy and where it comes from.  After we learn a few basics, you will construct a solar cooker to fix your snacks.

Day 2
On this day, we will continue with our energy theme.  It will be all about electricity!  We will be making a switch board light today.  And once again we will cook our snacks on your solar cooker!

To finish out our day 2, we will take a look at CAVES!  What is a cave?  Where do they form? Are there any around us?  These are a few question we will answer when we learn about caves

Day 3
Our last day at camp will be all about caves!  You will need a shoe box for today’s activity! We will be make a cave diorama to learn the different formations and types of animals that live in caves!

Snacks will be served.