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Emotional Freedom Techniques™

Emotional Freedom Techniques ™ (EFT), commonly called “tapping,” is based upon the 5,000 year old Eastern medicine energy meridian system. Like acupuncture, EFT stimulates the body’s acupressure points but with fingertip tapping, not needles. EFT has been shown to provide relief from chronic pain and other physical symptoms, negative emotions, addictions, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress and anxiety, limiting beliefs, and more.

EFT: Attracting the Life You Want with EFT

We are attracting things to ourselves unconsciously all the time, both positive and negative. This is an ancient belief and is currently called the Law of Attraction.  In this class, we will learn the basics tenets of the Law of Attraction. Then we will identify our inner blocks that keep us from attracting that which we say we want in our lives. Finally, using EFT, we will learn to eliminate any limiting beliefs and negative feelings in our way.  With the blocks removed, we are able to attract to us the lives we truly want.

CRN 20284-142
Ann Smith
3 Thursdays
WALDRON, Room W103
Register By: 10/30/2014

De-Antiquing with Susan

You've collected, inherited and accumulated a houseful of antiques and collectibles. This course will guide you through the challenging downsizing process. During session one you'll learn how to analyze your situation. Session two will focus on assessing your possessions and determining their value in today's market. Then, explore the best ways to liquidate your unwanted items in session three. No prerequisites are required. Note: This course will NOT provide appraisals.

CRN 20302-142
Susan Eberman
3 Tuesdays
WALDRON, Room W103
Register By: 10/21/2014


Arthur Murray Dance classes:

Get your dance on in these fun classes at Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  Each session will focus on a different dance style.  Learn fun patterns, timing, and most importantly to lead and follow.  No experience is necessary and both singles and couples are welcome.  Each class will be taught by a professionally certified Arthur Murray dance instructor.

CRN 20318-142
Arthur Murray
4 Fridays
11/7/2014-12/5/2014 (No class 11/28/14)
Arthur Murray Studios
Register By: 10/31/2014

Latin Rhythms

CRN 20321-142
Arthur Murray
4 Wednedays
11/5/2014-12/3/2014 (No
class 11/26/14)
Arthur Murray Studios
Register By: 10/29/2014