Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI)

The Ivy Tech Community College Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) is a virtual site whose twofold purpose is to expand the awareness of the Advanced Manufacturing sector while increasing the utilization of Ivy Tech Advanced Manufacturing certified workforce training and education resources. In addition, the Institute acts as the single clearinghouse, repository, and distribution/referral center for information relating to Ivy Tech Advanced Manufacturing offerings and data across the state of Indiana.

The Institute will:

  • Develop, implement and monitor the results outreach campaigns directed toward the Advanced Manufacturing sector to increase awareness of credentialed workforce training and education programs available to improve worker productivity while enhancing a company?��s competitive position.
  • Develop and coordinate an outreach campaign directed to potential students making them aware of opportunities for exciting careers in Advanced Manufacturing, the career paths available, the required training or education, and the certification training/education opportunities available through Ivy Tech in Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Engage Advanced Manufacturing leaders from across Indiana and across industry segments to make certain the offerings promoted by the Ivy Tech AMI are meeting the current and near-term future needs of industry.
  • Serve as the expert resource for the latest workforce data required by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation as it seeks to attract and retain Advanced Manufacturing businesses for the State of Indiana.
  • Distribute information and content to those Ivy Tech Regions offering Advanced Manufacturing education and training to businesses and students within their Regions.
  • Refer industry contacts, interested parties, and potential students to the Ivy Tech Region that will have the best capability to provide the required educational solution. 

The purpose of the AMI is to support, encourage and expand the utilization of Advanced Manufacturing related workforce education/training capacity of the two complementary and interconnected components of Ivy Tech Community College:

  1. Academics
  2. Workforce and Economic Development (WED)

Those served by the AMI will include:

  • All segments/sectors of Advanced Manufacturing, their workforce and management.
  • Individuals seeking the education or workforce certification training required to gain professional entry into a career within Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Ivy Tech Regions that will offer Advanced Manufacturing education/training to their constituencies based on perceived/determined market need.

In order to expand awareness of the critical importance of workforce training and certification and to create competitive and educated Advanced Manufacturing enterprises with opportunities for exceptional careers in Advanced Manufacturing, focused marketing is required. To this objective the AMI will originate, implement, and monitor an innovative/aggressive marketing campaign.

The workforce training/education offerings will traverse from entry level training, to national certification/credentialed training for front-line workers, to professional designations for mid-management, and both terminal and articulated degree programs. Additionally, the AMI will market ancillary training and education related to Advanced Manufacturing.